Forgive Us Our Sins As We Forgive Those Who Sin Against Us

16 03 2011

Being a Christian believer and claiming ourselves to be believers is good. I am indeed proud to say that I am a true believer and I belong to Christ Jesus. All of us who are born Christians will indeed say that. “ARE WE WHO WE REALLY CLAIM TO BE ARE TRUE BELIEVERS”? Let us ponder on this question my dear brother and sisters in Christ Jesus.

It is indeed easy to say and claim that we are believers. Let us be sincere about this matter! Being a Christian is not easy as we think. Looking at the title above do you think it is easy? It is definitely not easy for me. If we say we are sons and daughters of God we are to follow the examples of Christ. Are we ready to forgive those who have hurt us by their action ,words and deeds? If we cannot afford to forgive those who have sinned against us than our sins are not forgiven either!

Let us take a serious look at our Lord Jesus. He came down to earth to take our sins away. He forgave those who crucified him to the cross. They hurled all kinds of unwanted words against our Lord and yet he forgave them saying they do not know what they are doing. What a tremendous impact Christ made on mankind. If we are in the Lords shoe are we willing to forgive those who have hurt us? Many of us have been hurt. You have heard that it was said, “Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.” But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. ( Matthew 5:38-39 ) Are we willing to do that? What we normally do is we want to take revenge.

If we say yes we can forgive like the Lord does are we really sincere in forgiving that particular person. At times when we forgive those who have hurt us than why at times we still talk about the hurt that is in us? Meaning that we have not really forgiven that person. When we have forgiven a person, we fully have to forgive that person and not dwell on the hurt caused by that person any longer. We have to surrender that person and oneself to God. We have to hate the sin that is in that person and not to hate the person itself. That is what Jesus did when he demonstrated his love to all mankind regardless of race and religion. He being the SON OF GOD took the sins of the world upon HIMSELF. ABOVE everything he denied himself. He had only one MISSION and he had to complete that IMPOSSIBLE MISSION for all mankind regardless of race and religion. The MISSION WAS COMPLETED.HE WAS CRUCIFIED ON THE CROSS FOR OUR SINS.THE SINS THAT HE DID NOT COMMIT. OUR SINS WERE FORGIVEN ON THAT CROSS AND OUR SINS WERE NOT REMEMBERED ANYMORE. HE WASHED US BY HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD AND MADE US CLEAN. WHAT A WONDERFUL SAVIOUR WE HAVE !

We who are His children ought to follow His example. I am not asking you my friends to die for the sins of those who have sinned against you but to forgive your enemies as your Lord Jesus forgave your sins. A true quality of a good believer and children of the Living God as we claim to be is to have a FORGIVING HEART. Let us take this season of Lent to dwell on these things.






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