17 03 2011

Who is my neighbour ? Why should I love my neighbour?  Is it compulsory for me to love my neighbor?  Is there a law that says that I must love my neighbour? My dear friends, we may ask ourselves these questions. Why go so far! I do ask myself these questions . Let us ponder on these questions.

Who is my neighbour ? A neighbour can be anyone  of a different race and religion. A neighbour can be a person who is rich or poor. A neighbour can be someone who can irritate you till the maximum. A neighbour can be someone who is jealous of you. A neighbour can be someone who is a strong believer of his or her own religion. Why should I love my neighbour? Because the law of God says so!  “ Love your neighbour  as yourself “ ( Matthew 22:39 ) and that makes it compulsory for us to love our neighbour. It is not an easy thing to do my friends! Loving your neighbour as how you love yourself!

It is indeed easy to love your neighbour  who is kind to you. A neighbour who is of the same race and religion with you.  Any one of us can do that, right! Have we ever tried loving our neighbour who have hurt us? Have we ever tried loving our neighbours who are not believers? We are suppose to love them. How are we going to love them when we know that they have hurt us by their words,deeds and action? How are we going to love them when they are not believers?  The only way we can love them is by loving them with the “Agape Love “. That is the kind of love God loved us with.

Agape is one of several Greek words translated into English as love, one which became particularly appropriated in Christian theology as the love of God or Christ for mankind . Many have thought that this word represents divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love. Although the word does not have specific religious connotation, the word has been used by a variety of contemporary and ancient sources, including Biblical authors and Christian authors. Agape love is the highest and purest form of love, one that surpasses all other types of affection.

Our Lord Jesus loved everyone regardless of their race and religion. He did not see their status and position in the society to love them. He loved those who were cast away from the society. He loved those who were rejected by the society. He loved the poor and the destitute. He loved the lepers, the tax collectors and the prostitutes. And above all my friends, He loved those who crucified Him to the cross to the extent of forgiving them of the things they had done to him.

I would like to share something that happened in a church healing meeting. I was there and there were other so called believers too helping out the pastors when they were praying for the sick. Many people who were sick came for the altar call. An elderly woman came standing in the front too, to receive the healing. She had leprosy. While the pastor was laying hands on the people and praying there were some pray warriors behind those who came for healing. When it was time for the pastor to move on and to pray for this elderly aunt who had leprosy no one was behind to hold her.Sad to say they moved away to the next person. I was there and I went to hold this aunt. Yes, a lepers skin texture is not at all like ours because I held her in my arms. What kind of love are we demonstrating ? We are so proud to call ourselves believers of Christ when we cannot afford to love our neighbour as how we love ourselves. Remember its Gods law given to us. By the way, the elderly aunt was a Hindu. Dear friends let us take this Season of Lent  to ask God to fill us with His Agape love that we will be true believers and children of the Living God not only during this Lent season  but in our daily and everyday  life.

God Bless





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