Impossibilities:Uncrossable Rivers Of Life

18 03 2011

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ ! Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, if things seem a little difficult today or it is beyond your control and there is no way out, just hold on! Do not give up! There is a solution to whatever problems you are facing today. You are not alone! In ones life there are uncrossable rivers and unlevel mountains. Impossible circumstances are not unusual. How do we handle them and where do we get the faith to meet them? For impossible situations in your life all you ever need is ” Impossible Scriptures “. Do what Jesus tells is your medicine for crisis!” Take it from me my dear friends. I have gone through the worst time in my life. If  I have not gone through the uncrossable rivers of life I would not do these postings.

Let me take you my friends to four ” Impossible Scriptures.” Four key passages of scriptures that address the subject of impossibilities. Two of them are in the Old Testament ( the book of Jeremiah ) and the other two in the New Testament ( the gospel of Luke ). In the old testament Jeremiah 32:17 it is written ” Ah Lord God,thou has made the heavens and the earth by thy great power and by thine outstretched arms” Nothing is too difficult for thee. Do you realize my friends that whatever thing or things that you are calling impossible today God says it is ” nothing to Him and absolutely nothing to Him.” That is good news right! In another scripture Jeremiah 32:27 for it is written ” Behold I’m the Lord , the God  of all flesh, is anything too difficult for me?” What we ever need to know my friends is God and His promises. He is the Lord, the bottom line of our life and nothing is indeed too difficult for Him!

Now lets take a look at the other two “Impossible Scriptures” in the New Testament. In the gospel of St Luke 1:37 it is an answer to Mary’s question concerning her conception. An angel appeared to her and said, ” You are going to bear the Christ-child.” Mary’s response, ” How can this be,since I’m a virgin?” How is that possible? The angel responded “For nothing will be impossible with God.” Dear friends, we know that conception can only take place when there is an intimate relationship between a man and a woman! God takes impossible situations to make the situation possible. That is God. Let us look at the other verse in St Luke 18:27 it is written “The things impossible with men are possible with God.” Your problems are very small in Gods sight.

Dear brothers and sisters, lets take a look at the things which seems most Impossible to you! Is it your business, your marriage hitting the rocks, are you barren, down with a disease or sickness that cant be cured,strained relationship with people, terrible habit you cant conquer, are you jobless, financial constraint, your career and many more my friends.If all these things seem Impossible to you today, take your hands off  your situations! Ask God in absolute faith to take over your Impossibilities! He is a Specialist in that kind of situation.

One “Impossible event”, the feeding of the five thousand written in the gospel of St John chapter 6. Its very unique because its written in all the four gospels. Its the only account in which Jesus asked the advice of someone else and that was Philip. Its the only time Jesus performed a miracle before such a large crowd and finally its an absolute miracle, it was a Class A miracle!

Today my dear friends, when God gets involve in our Impossibilities he does it abundantly, beyond all anyone could ask or think. Leave it the hands of the Specialist.Refuse to calculate, doubt, work it out by yourself, refuse to worry or encourage others to worry. There are many who are under depression and have sought to suicide because they think there is no way out to their Impossible situation. Friends we can save many of our friends out there regardless of race and religion. Let them know that there is hope and a way out in their Impossible hopeless situation.The Choice is still in your hands whether you want to Surrender your IMPOSSIBLE situation into the hands of the man from Galilee, who stilled the waters and the wind and the storm obeyed at his command! The Choice is still in your hands my beloved ones. have a blessed day. 

God Bless.





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