I Love You,Will You Be Mine?

21 03 2011

Greetings my friends in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Redeemer! The topic is quite catchy right? Usually this is what a boy or a girl who is deeply in love will tell each other! I love you,will you be mine? Friends if you are in love with someone you love so dearly this is what you would say to him or her. Let us take a look at this person who loves you more than anyone else can love you on this planet earth. This person takes care of all the affairs of your life. This person will never ever leave You at all. This person will be with you forever, Trust me! Till the end. He loves you so much that he will die for you! Huh! Die for me? You would ask me, Is there such a person like this who exist? Yes, my dear friends. Do you want to know who this person is? He is Jesus the love of my life and I want to be His forever. I can share Him with You my friends if you are willing to accept Him into your life.No problem with that.

Dear friends, many of us are looking and finding for that special someone who will be perfect in all the things he or she will do. Many of us are having a lot of problems and we really do not know where we can cry and pour out our problems. Yes, some of your friends will tell you to tell them your problems. They would not do anything about it but bring it into a “gossiping section” to tell others about your problems. They would not even pray about it my friends! I know that many of us out there have been through this situations. We are all struggling  in our own ways. No one will ever know what you are going through. But Jesus the person who loves you so much tells you to cast all your burdens upon Him. Friends you need not suffer on your own. In Psalms chapter 9:9 it is written ” The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble”. What a wonderful assurance my friends! He cares for you. He will meet all your needs according to His glorious richness in heaven. He who was rich in Heaven came down to this earth.He became poor for our sake that we may become rich. What a wonderful person the Lord Jesus is!

Remember His crucifixion on the cross. The blood that he shed 2000 years ago was for all mankind regardless of their race and religion. He took the curse of the world upon His head. The crown the soldiers put on His head was made out of thorns ! His face was disfigured and swollen because of that crown of thorns. Because of that any generation curse that is in your family my dear friends will be broken down. He was beaten and smitten for our transgressions. He took all these because of His love for you. Friends, today are you suffering from any deadly sicknesses and diseases that the doctor says is uncureable! Not to worry! You have a heavenly doctor who can cure you! Earthly doctors will give up on you by saying it is all in Gods hands! Yes indeed it is true, By His stripes you are healed. Remember the crucifixion on the cross, when the soldiers whipped Him on His back! His flesh was pulled out like ribbons and that is why Jesus said that “By my stripes You are made heal.” My dear friends, He did all these because of His Love for you. Today Jesus is telling to You ” I love You, Will You Be Mine?” I am His, Will You Be His my dear friends? Have a Blessed Lent Season.

God Bless.





One response

10 09 2011

Such an emotional question from JESUS 😦 if Lord ask me, i will say yes but for now i have to face my challenges and trials to prove my love for him 😦 i don’t wanna be alone

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