The Truth Is Out!

21 03 2011

Greetings in The Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Dear friends may the Love of God bind us together. Today let us take a very close look at the topic above and what is really happening around us! Let us not take things for granted. Let each and everyone of us be very serious on this matter. Things like natural disaster is happening around the globe and we are not to be ignorant about it.  Bible prophecies are being revealed. The Truth is out! Know the ” Truth and the Truth will set you free.” The Truth cannot be hidden my friends. Satan and his cohorts are very afraid of that.Satan and his cohorts does not want the Truth to be revealed. The only way is to stop all mankind from knowing the Truth! And how is the Truth going to be with held from the people so that all mankind can be under the power of Satan! Satan uses his  vessels from the higher authority to carry out his hidden evil agendas! That was what he did 2000 years ago,using those in higher authorities to Crucify our Lord Jesus Christ! Today, Satan is still using the same strategy! Who are these people who do not know that they are being used by Satan to stop the word of God from reaching others ! Let us see my friends who are these agents of Satan!

The top religion current issue in Malaysia is about regarding 30,000 bibles being detained under the “Home Ministry” in Malaysia my friends. The bibles are to be given to the Christians in Sarawak but it has been detained. Satan just know who are the right people he can use to carry out his task! Mind you that the detention of the  bibles are under the watchful eyes of those in the higher authorities. Who are these people? What was the reason of the detention of the bibles?   The edition of the bibles are in the Malay language and mind you it is our National language! The reason is because the bible contains the word “Allah” and the word “Allah” is also found in the “Quran”! The government claimed that the word “Allah” would be confusing to the Muslims caused by the translations! And that is the reason the bibles are being detained or is there any other Truth in the bible that is not supposed to be revealed! ” What an explanation!” Is it a crime for others who are not Christians to read the bible? Is there any law that forbids people from other religion to read the bible? I do not mind reading the “Quran!” It is just for my knowledge. I am not weak in my Faith and my Foundation is strong! So, why do I need to be afraid to read the “Quran”? The more we stop, all the more people want to know why are they forbidden from reading the bible? The only person who wants to stop the people from knowing the Truth is Satan himself because he knows the Truth and the Truth will set the people free! Imagine 30,000 bibles are being detained. Its the Lent season and there are people out there who wants to do their daily meditation but deprived of their freedom to read the word of God.

Dear Friends, I am calling each and every one of you today to pray for the release of that 30,000 bibles. We are all conquerors in Christ Jesus. We will all pray in one accord. The battle belongs to the Lord and the Victory is ours! It is written in the gospel of St Matthew 24:14 ( And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and the end will come) and so it shall be. And let us also pray for those who are indirectly involved in the detention of the bibles. Let us forgive them as the Lord forgave saying ” Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing!” We do not wage war againts flesh and blood but againts the Powers Of Darkness!” We are in the Lords Army. Have a Blessed Lent Season.

God Bless.





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