“Take The Call Today!”

27 03 2011

Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends, today as we sit at home,in the office or going on a travel for a vacation, we all do answer to calls that comes to our mobile phones! Today there is a call for you and I my friends! Would you answer to that call? “Be holy,because I am holy.” It is a call to all believers to be holy! How can we be holy when the surroundings we are living in is contaminated with sin? There is no excuses my friends! Because “He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do!” (James 1:15)

Dear friends, God is calling us to be holy. Do you think it is an easy thing to do? After all we are living in a world polluted by sin. Yes, it is true that our world is polluted with sin. But remember friends that Jesus Christ came down from heaven to earth to take away the sins of this world! He being holy, left His heavenly dwelling and came down to this sinful world. All because he loved us just too much.

God wants us to be holy because He wants to have fellowship with us! God can never have fellowship with us if there is sin in us. Remember friends, “Sin separates us from God!” That is why God wants us to be holy. Let us not get confused with the word holy. Friends you may think that if you are going to be “holy” you are going to lose out many things in life such as entertainment! That is why my friends many of us do not want to repent. We rather live in “darkness” rather than living in the “light.”

We want to be polluted by the sins of this world and be separated from God. We love the darkness rather than the light. Are we children of the darkness or light? If we are the children of the light than we need to check ourselves and lead a holy life! Friends I am not asking you to become a nun or a priest! What I am saying is just to lead a holy life and do not get polluted by the sin that is in the world! Look at the fishes in the sea. The sea water is salty. Yet the salt from the sea has not gone into the fish! The fish is not polluted or has absorbed the salt from the sea into its body! Likewise people of God, we are to be like the fish in the sea. We are not to let the sin of the world get polluted or absorbed into our mortal body!

We are a chosen people, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praise of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Friends we have to be careful of all the things that makes us to be unholy. Remember He is a Holy God. From the beginning till the end, God keeps reminding us that he is a holy God and he has set us apart to have fellowship with Him. Isn’t that a wonderful news my friends? In my earlier postings there are many things that I have written that draws us apart from God. God gives us Life but the Devil brings death on us. Friends do not be ignorant on this matter. Today as God calls us to be holy, let us take the call and be holy. You won’t regret. Have a Blessed Lent.

God Bless.





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