“I Love Myself And Only Myself!”

29 03 2011

Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends how many of us only Love ourselves and no one else? We only think about ourselves. How selfish we can be most of the time? Do you think of others or do you put yourself first? Let us check it out friends! Shall we?

Dear friends, let me again ask you this question, “Do we think of others or do we put ourselves first?” If our answer is “We put ourselves first, then we are all selfish, my friends!” How many selfish acts have you and I committed each day, my friends? Let us pause, and recall back all the selfish acts we had done to others! You and I my friends would be very much surprise to know what are the common selfish acts we had done towards our family and friends!

Dear friends, let us see what the word of God has to say about being selfish. In the book of Philippians in chapter 2:3-4 it is written ” Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others!” Friends, let us be sincere about it! Are we as believers doing things out of selfish ambition? Are there any selfish hidden agenda when we do things for people? Are we doing things genuinely as believers? How true are we to ourselves? Are you feeling convicted? Good, because I am my friends! Another question my friends! How many of us consider others better than ourselves? Let us take time to ponder on these question my friends! Let us not only think that we are always better than others. If you and I my friends are thinking like that, it shows that “We only love ourselves.” How selfish can we be? And we call ourselves to be believers! What a pitiful state we are in!Friends let me take you to another bible verse found in the book of James 3:14-16 it is written ” But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. It is earthly, not spiritual and it is of the devil! For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice!” Yes, my friends and it is true! Being selfish is from the devil.Some of us friends really do not know that we are being selfish. We are so caught up in loving ourselves so much that we tend to forget about our acts of selfishness to others around us. “It is all about me,me and me only!” What have we done to help others? Have we volunteered ourselves for any social work? Others say they do not volunteer to help others because there was “nothing in it for them.” Yes, friends when we volunteer to help others do not expect anything in return! God sees it and He will bless you,friends!Friends, a survey was taken and sadly to say some people freely admit to the things that made them selfish. Sadly, the top ten makes for unpleasant reading: Bad-mouthing someone to look better than others, avoiding donating to charity, when driving, failing to let another driver come in to a queue or refusing to give way to another car, not contacting elderly or sick relatives, forgetting a friend’s or relation’s birthday, generally being unsympathetic, getting your own drink without asking if anyone else wants, as a common courtesy failing to open doors for other people, not helping out friends or colleagues who are in trouble and pushing into a long queue! Wow! what a long list of things that we do friends without realizing it!

Friends, as believers let us learn from our Lord Jesus Christ! He was not at all selfish. He did not love himself only other wise He would not have died for your sin and my sin and also the sins of all mankind regardless of race and religion. Let us take this Lent season to start Loving others first than loving ourselves. We have to make a difference if we are called the children of God! Have a Blessed Lent season.

God Bless.





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