“Is The Word Of God In Your Life?”

31 03 2011

Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends, looking at the topic above, let us ask ourselves sincerely ” Is the word of God in our Life?” If our answer is Yes, than are we bearing fruit and being fruitful! Let us see friends, if really the word of God is in our lives Today or not?

Dear friends, looking at the above topic I use to ask myself if the word of God has taken root in my life or not? At times we are really not sure my friends, because there are certain things that is still in us that makes us all to ask this question “Is the word of God really in my Life?” Then why at times do we backslide, and in time of trouble we feel so stressed out! If the word of God is in our life we should be able to stand when trouble or persecution comes upon us! Some of us will fall from our faith, some will resort to drink or gambling as an escape from life! Some will also attempt suicide because they can’t take the pressure of life on them. Friends let me remind you that it is believers that are doing all these things mentioned above. They go for Sunday service every week! They hear the word of God being preached by the pastor. Then why are they as believers backsliding?

Dear friends, let us take a look at what is written in the gospel of St Matthew in 13:18-23. Here Jesus explains the parable of the sower. Here we see that the sower sows the seed in four different kind of ground.The “seed” here talks about the word of God. The sower sows the seed first “along the path”. Here when someone hears the message about the kingdom of God and does not understand it, the evil one will come and snatch away what was sown along the path. Some of us friends, are like that! We really do not understand what is being preached. So just because we can’t understand it, the message we heard is taken away from us and we become so lost.

The second seed my friend fell on “rocky ground”. You could just picture what a rocky ground looks like, don’t you my friends? It is not at all a smooth ground. If we are traveling on a rocky ground can you imagine how will your journey be? Here the person who hears the word will at once receive it with joy. But since there is no root, the word of God only last for a while. When trouble or persecution comes this kind of people will quickly fall away. They can’t take the pressure because the word of God has not rooted into their heart!

The third seed my friends, fell among the thorns! Just imagine what thorns will look like. Roses are so beautiful, but their thorns once it pricks our hand it is so painful.Here the person who hears the word of God will receive the word but not last long because he can’t take the thorns. Here the thorns is talking about the worries of life and the deceitfulness of wealth which will choke them. The word of God can’t take root either in his heart. He will fall and become unfruitful.

The fourth seed fell on good soil. Here the man hears the word and understands it. He will never backslide. He will be able to overcome the worries of the world.He will be able to take persecution and nothing will make him fall. He will be very fruitful because he understands the word of God and the word of God has taken root in his heart. Today my friends, on what type of ground is the word of God being cultivated in your life? It is your choice to make on what type of ground you are? Are you the path, the rocky ground, among the thorns or the good soil?  Think about it my friends because the devil is always waiting to take away the Truth from you! The devil does not want you to be set free but Jesus Christ does! So Today my friends, has the word of God taken root in your life?

Have a Blessed Lent Season.

God Bless.




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