“Save A Soul Today!”

1 04 2011

Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends, as we look at Today’s topic, let us ask ourselves if we “had saved a soul today?” You may tell me friends, it is not your job to do it because you have enough work load over your head! Someone else could do that job! There are many Priest and church workers out there! It is their job not mine! That will be your response? But friends, let me ask you a question? Then why do we call ourselves as believers? Friends, do you know why You and I are put on this earth Today? Let us check it out,friends!

Dear friends, as you have read my earlier articles, do you know who I am? Do you know my friends what made me to do all these postings? “It was a burden I had very long deep within me.” “It was the burden for the lost souls!” Each soul that we save today is important to God. The word of God says “That none should perish, but all should repent and be saved!’ my friends. I come from a very small church named St Thomas Tambun located in Ipoh, Perak. It is a Missionary District. I belong to the Church of the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia my friends. The place where my church is located is surrounded with a lot of strongholds. The church has been there for forty years! And the people living in that vicinity are all the lost souls. They are not believers! My burden was for them. I use to pray and ask God to use me as His vessel to at least bring the love of God and the gospel to at least one soul a day. “Just one soul a day my friends!” God did answer my prayer. He is a Living God! Just stay on with me and read on!

Who am I? “I am the voice of one crying out through the Internet!” “Know the Truth and the Truth will set you Free!” I am doing my postings daily hoping that at least one soul will read and be saved! That is what I asked God! Lord just give me one soul a day Lord! And my God did it, my friends! He is not giving me one soul a day but he is giving me “hundred souls” a day to be saved! All glory to God my friends! We are serving a living God and not a God who is dead. My God heard me and answered my request and prayers!

Dear friends, God can use anyone as his vessel of regardless who they are! God used a Muslim brother to encourage me to write! He told me to write! I told him I can’t write but I can share Gods word in the church! He told me I can only reach out to a small group of people in church and told me to write using the internet where I can reach out to a number of souls out there! I still did not have the confidence in myself to write. He told me to write something about Lent! I prayed and asked God to help me. This Muslim brother is asking me to write about Lent and I do not know where to start! I told God that I can’t write on my own understanding and knowledge! I can’t depend on my own human flesh to write.If I am going to write on my own understanding and knowledge it is not what God wants me to write, it is what “I” want to write! God wants me to write what “He” wants me to write! So, I need Gods words to be put in my mouth to write my friends!  I’ve only got limited words! Believe me my friends, what God did to the prophet Jeremiah he did the same thing to me! In Jeremiah 1:9 it is written “Now I have put my words in your mouth!” And it is true! He is the same Living God Yesterday, Today and Forever my friends! My first article was on the Lent season posted on the 7th of March 2011 my friends! That was my starting point my friends! And ever since I have not stopped writing! I told God, that I am going to put two postings a day until the end of the Lent season. And my God is blessing me with that my friends, two postings a day! What a satisfaction I get in bringing the word of God to the people! It is such a joy my friends! I am satisfied in what I am doing and I know souls are being saved out there!

Dear friends, You and I have a purpose on this earth Today! Do not think that others have to do the job in saving the souls. You and I have to do it! We are Gods vessels to bring the gospel of the Good News to every soul that we meet Today! We are to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth my friends. Remember, “one soul that is saved today, there will be great rejoicing in heaven” over that one soul my friends! It is written in St Luke 15:7. Are we doing our job as Gods workers? Today, my friends, have you brought the love of God to someone? That “one soul” is precious to God. Do not miss a day without telling the goodness and the love of Jesus Christ to who ever you meet Today! Be a witness for Jesus Christ! Tomorrow is not yours, only Today is given unto you! “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few!” Please be one of the “few workers” who can work on Gods field! “Save a Soul Today!” Have a blessed Lent season.

God Bless.




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