“Please Teach Me How To….?”

3 04 2011

Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends, as we look into today’s article you can see that today’s topic is not at all complete! Yes, my friends we may think that our life is complete with what we have? But my friends there is still something within you that is not complete! Check it out my friends what is it that makes your life not complete at all with that “special ingredient” missing out in the above topic!Dear friends, looking at the above topic, the keyword here is “teach!” How many of us friends out there have been asking our family and friends to teach us a lot of things that we want to know? We want to know how to cook, to bake , to dress, to sew, to drive , to swim, to dance, to use the computer or the laptop, to do business, to make fast money and the list can go on and on my friends! I myself had asked people to teach me to do so many things! I am not at all ashamed to tell you this my friends that I really do not know how to use a laptop? I really wanted someone to teach me how to use all the programs on the laptop and thank God someone did! My friends, you too out there must have asked someone to teach you to do something, right! It”s alright because we all need to learn something from others!

Friends, we ask people to teach us so many worldly things to do, but have we asked anyone to teach us spiritual things? We are so attached to the world and all that is in it, that we totally forget about heavenly things! Friends have we asked anyone to teach us how to pray? At times when we  have prayer meetings or cell groups and if we ask anyone in that group to pray, they will just tell you to do it! Their response is “I do not know how to pray?” Sad isn’t it my friends? When it comes to God’s matters we do sometimes back out, don’t we? Friends, let me take you to the gospel of St Matthew where Jesus teaches his disciples “How to Pray?” This is the only prayer Our Lord Jesus taught his disciples! And till today most of our churches uses this prayer called the “Lord’s Prayer.” Friends, it is not a simple prayer! So friends, let us see how we are taught to pray?

As it is written in the gospel of St Matthew 6:9-13 it begins with ” Our Father in heaven.” Here it shows the Sovereignty of God as a Father in heaven. “Holy be your name.” Here my friends, God says His name is holy and we have to be careful not to use God’s name in vain! How many times my friends have we used God’s name in vain in our daily speech without refraining the words that come on our tongue? “Your kingdom come.” As we wait friends patiently and eagerly for the kingdom of God to come! “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Yes, friends it is not our will but the will of God to be done on earth as it is in heaven! At times friends we are so impatient when we ask God for something. Whatever we do or ask, let it be according to God’s will! “Give us today our daily bread.” Friends how many of us believers do say our grace for the food that is laid on the table? Friends we are asking God to provide for our daily provision and he provides! But the sad thing is many Christian families do not practice at all to give grace for the food! Remember God is the “Unseen Guest” at every meal! We see children and even adults taking food and  sitting in front of the television! Have we ever told our children how blessed they are to have their daily food where else there are millions of people out there including children who are starving for food, Today!

Friends, as we continue, “Forgive us our sins as we also have forgiven those who have sinned against us.” Friends, here the prayer talks about forgiving one another! Are we doing as we are told? Let us continue, “And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one.” Here friends, we are asking for God’s protection over our lives! So friends, if some of you out there who does not know how to pray, Our Lord Jesus has just taught you the perfect daily prayer where it covers everything in our Life! We give glory to God, we let His will be done, His daily provision for us, His forgiveness and His protection over us. Its all in one Prayer, my friends! So my friends, if anyone comes to you and ask you to teach them how to pray, teach them the Lords Prayer.We as believers must know “how to pray!” Our lives will indeed then be complete. Without prayer in our life You and I will fall into the hands of the evil one! Make it a point to say the Lord’s prayer daily my friends! Have a Blessed Lent season.

God Bless.





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