“Friends! Does Anyone Loves You More Than God Does?”

7 04 2011

Greetings I bring you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dearly beloved friends, Today as I bring you to another article of mine, let me first ask you “Is there anyone who Loves you more than God does?”  My dear friends  I will leave it up to you to answer that question after you have read my article! Just stay on and read my friends and most of the questions that is buried deep within your heart, will give you all the answers that you have been asking God?

Dear friends,”It is the mouth of God that speaks!” I am only an instrument being used by God to bring forth the truth and His love to all human race! Beloved friends, as we move on let us take a look again at the above topic! Friends there are many of us out there who are without love and had been abandoned my our parents, our spouses, our siblings and even our friends! I know how lonely and sad we feel at times. Friends, some of us would have recently lost our parents and our spouses! I am one of them my dearly beloved! I lost my husband two years ago. My darling died of a massive heart attack! I was left all alone to defend for myself and my kids and it was not as easy as we think! Death comes knocking at our door anytime of the day! There are many of you my friends who are in my shoes today! Left all alone to defend for yourselves.

Dear friends, those of you who have lost both your parents are also in the same situation as I am! I can understand clearly the pain and hurt you are going through my friends! But take heart! Do not be discouraged or feel abandon! There is someone out there who is there  for You and I my friends! “He is God, Our Everlasting Father and the Perfect Father!” God has never ever left us or forsaken us or ever betrayed His love for us. The word of God says in Isaiah 49:15 “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!” Friends, in today’s newspaper there are articles on newborn babies being dumped into the dustbins or even being flushed down through the toilet bowls! Some are just left outside in places of worship! They are just thrown away! Friends, just imagine those mothers who have the heart to throw away their own flesh and blood! God has never ever thought of doing that to any of us. God gave up His only son Jesus to be sacrificed and tortured for our sins my friends! God gave up His son for us! That much God loves us!

Dear friends, the Love that God has for us, no one has that love including our parents, spouses, siblings and even our closest friends! Friends, do not get mistaken in what I am saying! I did not say that our parents, spouses and siblings don’t love us! The love they have for us is genuine but it will not be as the Love our God has for us! God demonstrated His love for us by being crucified and dying on the cross for our sins! Has any of our parents, spouses or even our friends and siblings done that for us? Even forgiving at times is so difficult! If we can forgive our loved ones then there will be “reconciliation among parents and children,” among siblings and there will not be any cases of “divorce in our Christian homes!” That is why I said that the Love of humans can’t match up to the Love of God! They will all abandon us at one time but not God our Father in Heaven! Those of us who have lost our parents and spouses are not here with us! They have all abandon us but God is still here with us! Let me ask you parents and spouses out there! How many of you out there have forgiven your children and your spouses for the unwanted deeds done towards you? You are so angry with them that you can’t even forgive them and bring them back home. God has forgiven us of our sins and he has given us a Chance to Change! When we say that we love someone we must be able to forgive them as our Father in heaven did! So friends, we see again that no one could ever forgive your sins as God does, not even your own flesh and blood because He loves us more than anything or anyone else!

Dear friends, I just want to share something beautiful with you. Two days before my husband passed away two years ago, I told him this, “Darling, please do not leave me and go because you know very well in what situation we are in? I have nothing if you are going to leave me and go? Do you know what was my husbands reply? ” You don’t have to worry about a thing because God will take care of you and will provide you, why worry about it?” My husband just left me in the hands of my Living God and till Today my friends God is still holding me in the palms of His Hands! God provides me, He heals me, He sustains me, He hears every word that I say unto Him and answers me, He gives me the desires of my heart and no good thing has my God with held from me my dear friends. He loves me more than my parents, more than my husband and more than my siblings and more than anyone who could love me,because one day I know everyone that comes into my life will one day be called home to heaven! My God will never ever leave me nor abandon me until the day He calls me back home!

My dearly beloved friends, no one could ever or will ever love you more than how God loves you and I! Experience His love my friends and then you will know how gifted and blessed you are? People only come into our lives for a reason and a season and what they have come for is accomplished, they will leave and not be with us until the end. God says “He will be with us till the end of time!” Friends do take this time of Lent and dwell in His Everlasting love. The Love that this world can never give you, God will give you today. He is the Perfect Love that you have been searching all the while!” God Loves You but Will You Love God Today?” God is still waiting for your love and He will keep on waiting until you run into His everlasting arms and say” I Love You,God!”  Have a Blessed Lent season.

God Bless.




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