” Friends,Have You And I Made A Difference To The World Out There?”

10 04 2011

Greetings to you my beloved friends in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends, as we look at the above article have we ever asked ourselves if  “You and I had made a difference to the world out there as believers in Christ Jesus?” Have we brought the Love of  Jesus Christ to the world out there where ever You and I may be my friends? Let us check it out friends!Dear friends, please do not get upset with a few things that I am going to write today! My apologies in advance if you feel that my article has offended you in any way my friends! When I started even before to put my first posting on the 7th of March 2011, I prayed and told God, I am not going to write what I want to write but God what you want me to write! If I am going to write on my own understanding and knowledge and of my own flesh, God it is not from you! It is only an earthy message. This blog belongs to you Lord and it is yours! I am but only a vessel in your hands to bring forth your word to the nations around the globe and the only way it can get through to your children is through the Internet!

Dear friends if you would have noticed all my 51  postings including this posting, they are all messages of conviction!  I myself friends, am being convicted by my own writings! “I have to practice what I preach to others!” Don’t I? Friends many of us believers out there only want to hear the good things that is written in the word of God! What about things that will make us to discipline ourselves, correct ourselves, sanctify ourselves and teaching ourselves through the word of God? Remember friends, the word of God is like a “double edged sword” that will pierce through your bones and marrow and cut  through your heart, spirit ,soul and body!

Dear friends, Have we made a difference to the world out there” by our word, deeds and action? Have we brought the sweet smelling aroma of Jesus Christ through our conduct, character and the way we behave and treat others! Do we have the godly moral values within us to say that we belong to God and people from different race and religion could see the difference and impact we make unto others! Jesus Christ made an impact to the world by His love by demonstrating it by being crucified to the Cross in Calvary for the sins of all mankind regardless of their race and religion! Jesus Christ could move with the people who were rejected by the society. The outcast became His friends! Among His circle of friends were the needy ones, the lepers, the tax collectors and the prostitutes!

Dear friends, Today who are your circle of friends? Are you able to associate with those who are not of the same “status”  and “class” with you? My apologies because I never like to use the word “status” and “class” because each and every one of us are a child of God regardless of our race and religion! Friends, believe me, that there are still some  “believers” out there who still like to associate with people of their”own kind” and they can never associate with those who are not of their “own kind!” I wonder how are they going to bring the fragrance of the “Love of God” to the people whom they can see ! And yet they will tell you that they love God so much! I just really wonder my friends! They can’t even show their love and compassion to the needy, the outcast, those rejected, the lepers and the poor how can they say that they love God whom they cannot see!

Dear friends, if we want to make a difference to the world out there, we have to start changing ourselves! We have to be more Christlike if we want to make an impact to the world out there! Get yourselves involved with the people, go and visit the orphans and the widows, volunteer yourselves for any charity work, fight for the rights of the innocent ones if you are in power to do so, do hospital visitations, visit those who have been abandoned, visit the blind and the poor, feed the poor and do not close your eyes to those who are really in need my friends! Do not be “Touch and Go” Christians who only go to church on Sundays to fulfill your duties as a Christian! Get up from your comfort zone and go out of the church! When Jesus Christ was doing His ministry, He was not in the temple all the time! He moved from one village to another and one region to another! Yes my friends! you may be offended by what you have read but that is the Truth that God wants me to write!

My dearly beloved friends, as we are in the season of Lent, let each and everyone one of us look deeply into ourselves. We need to change the “man in the mirror” if  we believers want to make a difference and an impact to others around us. Look at Our Lord Jesus Christ! He is our “Role Model” to be followed if we are His children. Have a Blessed and Meaningful Lent my dearly beloved friends!

God Bless.





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