“Not My Will, But Your Will Be Done!”

12 04 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dearly beloved friends, as I bring you to another article of mine, let us see if the things that we do and plan is our will or God’s will? At times when we do or plan things why does it not work out as we plan? Let us check it out my friends!Dear friends, today how many of us have our own plans for ourselves and our children? We all as parents have a lot of plans for our children future! Even you teenagers out there have your own plans for your own future! You would not want to follow the plans or things that your parents had plan for you, right! All of us out there, whatever plans you have, be it for your future, your business deals, finding a right life partner or even your job scope, have we ever wondered if all these things are the will of God in our lives? What if it is not God’s will whatever you and I have planned? Are we still going to go ahead with our own will even though it was not meant to be? Friends we have to look very seriously into this matter that whatever we do is it according to God’s will! Are we fitting ourselves into the “perfect will” of God for our future and our children future? There are many who will come into your life and the life of your children to suggest you to follow what you ought to do or what your children ought to do!

Remember my dear friends, whoever comes into your life and wants you to decide on your will are the ones the evil one is using as his agents to stop you from fitting into the “perfect will” of God! They will by all means try to discourage you from doing what you want to do because your desire is to do God’s will and not the reverse! Please friends, you and I must know the will of God in our lives or how are we going to fit in all the future plans that God has already ordained for each and everyone of us? Do remember friends, that our future is in the hands of our Creator! So it is not our will to be done but God’s will to be done on our life! As I did mentioned earlier, whatever things that concern each and everyone of us be it your studies, your future, your business, your life partner or your job it “concerns God too!” God wants to get involve in all your desires because it is He who has put that desires in your heart my friends!

Dear friends, today how many of us out there has made your own plans? Have you ever wondered my friends, why at times your business deals have not worked out? If you are single and have found a “right life partner” in your life and suddenly things do not work out for both of you? Why are you not in one job and you seem to be changing jobs? Nothing seems to be working at all for you my friends! Have we ever wondered why? The answer is just simple, because if those things that you plan by your own flesh it is your will and not God’s will! So if Today, things do not seem to be working out for you my friends, it is not God’s will! Be happy about it! God has already destined your future because your entire future is not in the hands of your parents, your spouses, your siblings or even your friends but in the “Hands of your Creator!” Whatever you have plan today put it into prayers and ask God if it is His will for you!

Dear friends, believe it or not, I know the plans and the will of God in my life! My times are in His hands. My Fathers will is the Perfect will that I want to do because He is the Perfect Father! I even tell my children to know what is God’s will in their life and not to follow our will! We parents have good plans for our kids but God the Father has the perfect plan that has already been ordained before He created them. So parents, do not hinder the perfect will of God he has for your kids! Instill in the children that they must know what is God’s will for them and not our will! We will all one day be called back home but God the Father will always be with them till the end of time! Have a Blessed Lent Season!

God Bless.





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