“Today,God Will Draw You Out Of The Deep Trouble Waters!”

13 04 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends how are you today? As I bring you to another article for the day, let us take a close look at the topic above my friends! How many of us today are drowned in the deep trouble waters of life? Everyday there are many of us struggling by ourselves to come out from the deep trouble waters we are in Today! Each day that approaches you, you feel that you are drowning deeper and deeper! Please read on to see that there is someone out there to help you. Dear friends, if there is no one to help you out of your hopeless situation and you think that you are drowning each day, do not give up! The world will tell you to “give up” but God will tell you to “look up” towards heaven and there my friends you will see the “Hand of God Almighty” drawing you out of the “deep waters” that you are in Today my friends! At times my friends we do not like to look up at heaven! If today in your life, you see that there is no way out at all for you to come out of your troubles, and all the doors are shut, just look up and God will make a way for you! Did not He make a way for the people in the desert? He made a way for the people to cross the Red sea! God parted it with “His Mighty Outstretched Arms!” He is the same God Yesterday, Today and Forever if you know your standing and your relationship with God!

Dear friends, if you want God to deliver you from all your troubles, you have got to “Believe and have Faith In Him” to experience “His miracles” in your lives my friends. If you don’t believe that God can save you from all your troubles, then who can You believe to save you from all what you are going through Today? In the book of Psalm 18:16 as it is written “He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.” Friends, God “drew me out of the deep trouble waters” when I was drowning and He never let me to be suffocated in the deep waters! God drew me out with His mighty Hands, my friends. My testimony speaks about all the “miracles” that I experience when I went through the “desert experience!”

Dear friends, now I know why God made me go through the “desert experience” that I experience in the 90’s? Friends, God was preparing me for this “work of His” to bring me as”His witness” to stand as a “True Testimony” to tell the world out there that He is a Living God that You and I serve!  I went through life tremendous problems and still if I can stand and bring the “word of God” to all people around the globe Today, it is because of my True Living God! I was the “weakest” person in my family but He chose me to go through all the problems and Today, my God made me into a brave, bold and a strong woman! All glory to God! Even today my friends, after the lost of my dearly beloved husband two years ago, I am still moving on with the grace of God and the Mighty hands of God is always on me and I will not at all be shaken! Come whatever it may be, My God is always with me till the end of time!

Dearly beloved friends of mine out there, today if you are in the deep trouble waters, do not look at the situation that is around you but look up to the heavens because there is “Hope in your hopeless situation!” Do not put your trust in men but in God! Why I am saying this is because my friends, if there is anyone out there who wants to render his or her help to you, God has to “move the heart” of that person to help you! You keep on praying fervently and God knows how to help you out from all your troubles my friends! God helped me and delivered me and He will do the same for you! Experience the “Power of Prayer” and you will have a “Breakthrough” in every area of your life my friends! Have a Blessed Lent Season.

God Bless.





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