“Oops! But Please Practice What You Preach”

14 04 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Lord! Dear friends, as I bring you to another article of mine, it might be sensitive to many of my readers out there and in due advance before you go on to read the rest of the article my advance apology to you my beloved friends! In fact I am  asking myself this question too,“Do you practice what you preach? “Let us move on to read the rest of the article!

Dear friends of mine, you and I would have come across people who always like to preach to us about certain things in life regarding our families, children , our work, our attitude towards others and so goes the long, long list! At times we just want to blast out to them and ask them if “they are practicing what they are preaching to us?” Don’t you my friends? I would not deny that because I am a very straight forward person! And people who are straight forward only got a few circle of friends! It is alright because you have the boldness to speak up for what is right for yourselves and others! Do you know my friends there are many of us out there who are really “put off” with people who can only preach to others but their families are just “upside down!”

Dear friends these kind of people are the ones who like to go on talking and talking but they themselves do not “walk the talk!” How sad! Just to remind you my friends, there are even church leaders and pastors who are doing this kind of preaching! Oops! But it is true my friends! They take opportunity of the pulpit just to whack anyone with their words not realizing that they as church leaders and pastors have in fact crushed the spirit of a believer or those from other races and religion who have come to attend the church service!Do you know my friends, that they go back home feeling hurt about what you preach? I am not telling you leaders of the church that you cannot preach, but is your household in order before you want to preach about family relationships and the upbringing of children to other families! Let us take this into consideration before you start preaching to others!

Dearly beloved friends, to all of us who are bringing the word of God to others be careful how you bring it to them! You would tell me friends, that the word of God is for rebuking, correcting and to discipline others! Yes, I am not denying it but as I said, when you start to preach, you too my friends “practice what you preach!” God’s commandments is applied to everyone including You and I my friends! We like to take all the commandments from the word of God and bring it to the people who attend for church service! We who tell others not to commit adultery are we not committing adultery? We who tell others not to gossip are we not gossiping? We who tell others not to boast are we not boasting about ourselves? We who tell others not to back stab others are we not doing it? We who preach that people have to forgive one another have you sincerely and truly forgiven that person who have hurt you? We preach peace to others do you yourselves have peace in your heart,today? My friends the list will go on and on! What are we really preaching? People come to church because they want to hear the word of God, they want peace, they want forgiveness, they want reconciliation, they want to be heal by hearing the word of God!

Dear friends, people who come to church do not want to hear about your boasting about your family? How your children excel in their studies and why your child could not do well? A friend of mine came to see me two days ago, and she was really broken down and I could see that she had a broken and crushed spirit? There was tears in her eyes! Then she related to me what happened in church by a church pastor! He was boasting about his children and condemning hers! Don’t you friends and pastors get put off by these type of preaching? The children were offended and told their mum that they do not want to attend church! She is a converted believer, by the way my friends!

Dearly beloved friends, this is what is happening in our churches! If we are going to start condemning others and boasting about ourselves, mind you my friends you will no longer see the younger generation in our churches in the future and we are to be held accountable and responsible for the way we brought the word of God not only to the believers but also to those of a different race and religion! Friends, let us take this time of the Lent season and ask God to help us to bring His word as how He wants us to preach His word! Friends, if we can try to look at ourselves in the mirror before you and I leave home to bring the word of God to others! “Walk the Talk” and have a Blessed Lent Season!

God Bless!





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