“Friends, Live As Today Is Your Last Day On Earth!”

17 04 2011

Greetings I bring to you my beloved friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends, “What if today is your last day on earth?” We really have to live like this friends, because death comes knocking at our door anytime! Do any one of us know the day, date and year we are going to be called back home? No one knows except God our Creator because it is He who destines our time of birth and when He wants to call us back home. Let us just read on, friends!

Dear friends, You and I really do not know the time, hour, day, date and the year when we will be called back home. What if today is our last day here on earth? There will be so many unsettled things that we have to leave behind! Forget about the mortgage and other materialistic things that we have to leave behind. Most important Today is about “unreconciled relationships,”unforgiving hearts,” “revenge and grudge” we hold against one another, “souls that are not saved,” and “did we preach the gospel” to all our friends who we knew for such a long time! Have we been serving others through charity, have we been teaching the word of God to our children, have we been encouraging enough to encourage others, have we been contributing to the needs of those who are less fortunate than us! Have we been willing to associate with people of low position or have we practice hospitality when others come over to our homes?

Dear friends, You and I may take life and things very easy because we all think that there is “Tomorrow” destined for each and every one of us! Friends, do you really think that there is a “tomorrow” for us unless it is the will of God! Many our us have so many plans but do you think that  there will be a “tomorrow” for You and I, my friends? Again if it is God’s will we will have a “tomorrow” when we get up! What if you and I find ourselves “asleep” in the Lord? If God says your time is up then my friends its up! Remember friends, we are put on this earth for a reason and a purpose and for a season only. As Shakespeare said,”We are all actors on a stage!” When our role is done and we are not needed anymore, we can go home! That is reality my friends! Life is like that and Life is short for each and every one of us!

Dear beloved friends, if  life is so short for each and every one of us, then why are we living in a state that we can’t even reconcile with our family and friends! There is hurt and bitterness, revenge and grudge and we cannot forgive people who have hurt us so deeply! You would ask me friends, how to forgive those who have hurt you to the maximum? I understand what you are going through my friends but do you think that it is worth it not to forgive those who hurt you? My concern is, I just do not want you to regret my friends! The time you want to forgive that particular person, it is already “too late” for you to do so! It is too late to regret and you would even regret more than you did before and your conscience will be killing you if you have one!

So my dear friends, let us put aside all our differences and let us try to forgive one another, to reconcile broken relationships, forget about being revengeful and let us try to live in peace with one another. The best time to do it is to start Today! All you have to do is to surrender everything into God’s hands! Friends, Today you are reading my postings, I do not know if tomorrow I will be around or not to bring the word of God to you my friend. If God’s will is there for me to bring another article tomorrow to all my friends around the globe, then you will be able to read my postings. Its all in God’s hands! As it is written “Let your will be done God and not my will!” Have a Blessed Lent my dearly beloved friends!

God Bless.





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