“Who Is God?” “Can We Make God By Our Hands?”

18 04 2011

Greetings I bring to you my beloved friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends, let us take a look at this article very closely and please do try to take time and read between the lines so that you will be able to see the Truth in it and the Truth will set you free! Friends, has anyone of you ever asked yourselves this question “Who is God?” Is there only one God or are there many Gods? Who are we really worshiping to? Can we make God or create God from the things that God created? Let us see what the word of God has got to say about this?

Dearly beloved friends of mine, let me put forth this question to you again.  Have we really sat down and ask ourselves Who is God? Is there any other Gods besides God? Who are we really worshiping to? Can we make God or create and form Gods from the things that God created? Friends, this might be a sensitive topic but this is what God wants me to write. God does not want the people that he formed and created by His own hands become spiritually blinded and fall into the trap of the evil one and that is of course Satan! God wants His treasured possession to know the real truth and to be set free! People who are full of wisdom and who are intellectual too have become so blinded that they bow down and worship to idols that have been created by the “hands of mortal men!” What have actually blinded these kind of people? Friends, I am talking about believers who are doing it!

Dear friends, as we move into the word of God into the book of Exodus, where Moses let the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt. The people of Israel there saw how the Egyptians were so accustomed to the idol worship in Egypt. When Pharaoh decided to let the people go free out of their bondage after the “tenth plaque”, Pharaoh dispersed the people with silver and gold and with clothing for their journey out of Egypt! Yes, my friends, those Israelites did see the miracles that God perform in front of Pharaoh and his army when He divided the “Red Sea” with a mighty strong wind! God was with His people as a “Pillar of Cloud and a Pillar of Fire!” The people did saw all these things that God had done for them, yet when Moses went up to Mount Sinai for forty days and forty nights they started making and shaping idols from the silver and gold they brought out of Egypt! They made a “Golden Calf” and started to tell the people to bow down and worship what their hands have made and said to the people that this is their “god” now and they are to worship it! Their hearts became so wicked before God! God knew what was happening down there when Moses came up to see God! That is when God gave the “Ten Commandments” to Moses and the top in list of the 1st commandment was “Thou shall not have any other gods before me” and the 2nd commandment “Thou shall not make any graven image before me.”

Dear friends, at the time of the Exodus itself people started making and forming idols out of gold and silver. In the book of the Prophet Isaiah 44:12-20 “It talks about the blacksmith and the carpenter forming idols for worship.” Friends, “Who is God?” Who are we to form idols by our hands and say that this is “god!’ To me “God is a Supreme Being”, “He is God Almighty”, “He is our Creator” who created us! Then how can we create God with our hands when it was God who created us and gave us the “breath of life?” How can God be created out of gold and silver? How can God be shaped with hammer and chisel? And they shape it in the form of a man! The god that was fashioned out of silver and gold can’t hear what you are praying to it. It can neither see you, my friends! They know nothing and they understand nothing! People have to carry them from one place to another place! The Infinite God that is not made by any human hands will carry you in the palms of His hand!

Dear friends, we have to stop being so blind! Believers, stop making images and putting them at the altar and bowing before them and praying. It is detestable in the “eyes of God!” People of all races and religion, we are all worshiping that “One Supreme God” that made us! So stop making idols in the form of anything to be called “god” because none of us had seen God and God cannot be created by “human hands!” Please do take time and meditate on the word of God to see the “Truth!” Let us not be blinded anymore my friends. Ask yourselves this question “Who Is God Today In Your Life?” Have a Blessed Lent Season.

God Bless.





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