“I Believe But Do You Believe, My Friends?”

23 04 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends, as I bring you to this article today, “I Believe But Do You Believe?” Today is the 46 days of our Lent season! My friends there are so many thing that we tend to believe when someone says or do something! It is human nature! We want to believe everything that we see. Yes, we will only believe if we see things happening right in front of our eyes, don’t we, my friends? But today, my friends, I want to ask you personally if you really believe that Jesus Christ died for you?

Dearly beloved friends of mine! As we look at the above topic again, “I believe but do you believe my friends?” As believers and children of God, have we really believed  in the word of God? There will be many people out there who will be sent by the Satan to make you not to believe in the living word of God.Satan is there to stop you from knowing the truth because Satan knows that when you “Know the Truth, the Truth will set you Free” from all your bondage that you are trapped in Today! Satan will try his very best to confuse your mind and to make you not to believe what is written in the word of God. There are many of Satan’s agents out there who have been sent to confuse us. Friends, there are many believers who are born Christians and some even declare that they are “generation Christians!” many believers have turned away from their faith because Satan has taken control of their mind!

Dear friends, don’t you think that it is a sad case to see many believers who are caught in terrible sins! Some have even turn to be murderers, rapist, drunkards, child abusers, homosexuals and even lesbians! There are even some who have become drug addicts, molesters, wife abusers and the list can go on and on my friends! Is this what God wants from us my friends? Is this why God sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins? Yes, we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God! But we need to repent sincerely and truly and come back to God. Each soul is precious to God and He doesn’t want to lose any of us, my friends! Satan is all out to get the children of God! If today you do not guard yourself by the word of God which is the “Sword of the Spirit” you will be under the clutches of Satan and doomed forever! I am not saying this but the word of God says so.

Dearly beloved friends, remember that Satan knows the word of God very well. Satan was there when God created the heaven and the earth and also when God created the man Adam! Satan knows what is your standing with God and your relationship with God. Some of us believers, just carry the bible along with us but do we believe the truth in the bible? Do you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins? Do you believe that your future and times are in God’s hands? Then why at times do you go and give your hands to the palm readers to know your future? Do you believe that Jesus can heal you? Then why do some of us go and see the witch doctors? Do you believe that God can restore broken relationships between spouses, parents and children? Do you believe that all your generation curses have already been broken down by Jesus by the crown of thorns that was put on his head? Do you believe that all your sins have been washed away by the blood of Jesus?

Dear friends, before I end my article, Do you believe that there is only one God and no other gods beside God?Do you believe that it is God that created you and God is your Creator? Do you believe that the God who created You and I can be formed and be made by human hands? Friends, Today you have to ask yourselves sincerely all the things that are listed above and there are more to it! “Do you believe in the crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus Christ?” “Do you believe that Jesus died for your sins?” “Do you believe today, that if you repent, Salvation is yours?” Friends it is in your hands Today to believe or not to believe! I am only a vessel in God’s hand to bring the truth and the word of God to all my friends around the globe. May the Love of God bind our hearts together in the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior! “Believe In The Truth And The Truth Will Set You Free!” I believe, do you believe my friends? Have a Blessed Lent Season.

God Bless.





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