” Jesus Is Resurrected,He Is Resurrected Indeed!”

24 04 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends, as I bring you to the article of the “Resurrection of Jesus Christ” first, let us see what is the “true meaning” of the “Resurrection of the Lord means?” let us first see what the word of God has to say!

Dearly beloved friends, first and foremost Have A Blessed Easter! “The Lord Jesus Is Risen and He Is Risen Indeed!” Friends let us have a look at what Easter is really all about? Today, the meaning of Easter for millions of Christians is that of honoring and recognizing Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead and His glorious promise of eternal life for all who believe in Him. Easter is also Jesus Christ victory over death. His resurrection symbolizes the eternal life because when Jesus was crucified on the cross on Good Friday, He went down to hell to take the “Keys of Hades” from Satan! Before Adam sinned there was ‘eternal life” granted to man. But when Adm fell into sin, death was upon men. Before sin came into the world,the “hierarchy” of order between God and man was like this: God, Man and Satan. When sin came upon man the order of “hierarchy” became like this: God, Satan and Man! Man lost his position to Satan when he fell into sin. That is why God has to send His son Jesus Christ to be sacrificed on the Cross for the sins of mankind so that man could be reconciled back to God!

Dear friends, when Jesus was resurrected from the dead and when He went down to hell to take the “keys of Hades” from Satan, the order of “hierarchy” changed, it was now like: God, Jesus and Man. Jesus Christ became the “mediator” between Man and God. Yes, my friends, it is because of the crucifixion and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ we have been forgiven of our sins and we have been reconciled to God through the precious blood of Jesus Christ! We also obtained “eternal life” from the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Dear friends, Easter also symbolizes the complete verification of all that Jesus Christ preached and taught during his three-year ministry. If Jesus had not risen from the dead, if He had merely died and not resurrected, Jesus would have been considered just like another Teacher, Rabbi or even a Prophet! However, Jesus resurrection, changed all that and gain irrefutable proof that He was really the Son of God and that He conquered death once and for all! Yes, my friends, we are all made “Alive in Christ!” Friends, Today, as Jesus Christ was resurrected 2000 years ago, is He resurrected in your hearts today? Are we resurrected together with the Lord Jesus Today, my friends? We are no more slaves and captives to sin anymore! We have been made free and all the chains of bondage that was in us have been broken by Our Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ! You and I are a free people Today, friends!

Dearly beloved friends of mine, we know Today that Christ was dead and He is Indeed Risen. Friends, let us prepare our hearts for the second coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ! This time my friends, Jesus will come as a Judge and we all have to give an account to Him. Be prepared at all time and be always “watchful.” Remember we are His Treasured possession!  Have “A Blessed and A Meaningful Easter.” Jesus Christ Is Risen, And He Is Risen Indeed!

God Bless.




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