“The Evidence Of The Resurrection Of The Lord Jesus”

25 04 2011

Greetings I bring to you my beloved friends in the name of Our lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends as I bring you to another article of mine on the “Resurrection of the Lord Jesus,” I would like to take you to a few verses that is written in the word of God concerning the “Resurrection of the Lord Jesus!” Not many people would believe in the “Resurrection” because 2000 years ago, a false testimony was made by the chief priest and elders regarding the “Resurrection of the Lord Jesus.” Let me support the evidence of the “Resurrection” with the word of God and not merely with our human understanding. Read on to know the “Truth” my friends.

Dear friends, let us take a quick look on the evidence that is in the word of God. First of all let me take you to the gospel of St Matthew 28:11-15 as it is written “While the women were on their way, some of the guards went into the city and reported to the chief priests everything that had happened. When the chief priests had met with the elders and “devised a plan” they gave the soldiers a large sum of money, telling them, You are to say, His disciples came during the night and stole Him away while we were asleep. If this report gets to the governor, we will satisfy him and keep you out of trouble. So the soldiers took the money and did as they were instructed. And this story has been widely circulated among the Jews to this very day.”

Dear friends, let us take a look at all the “evidence that contradicts” the above statement! The resurrection order of events; After Jesus is taken from the Cross, Pontius Pilate orders Jesus body to be handed over to Joseph of Arimathea for burial. ( Matthew 27:57-60 ). Pilate then orders a military guard to be placed at the tomb because the chief priest and the elders insisted Pilate to do so in accordance with their false testimony (Matthew 27:62-66). Jesus has voluntarily laid aside the powers of His own deity with respect to His own human body. Therefore in accordance with the Divine decrees, God the Father gave the orders for Christ’s resurrection from the dead ( 1 Corinthians 15:15 ). God the Holy Spirit was the agent of the resurrection in that He used His power to bring Christ to life ( 1 Peter 3:18 ). Jesus leaves the tomb under His own power ( John 10:18 ). After Jesus leaves the tomb, God sends an angel to roll away the stone to demonstrate to the world that Jesus had risen. This is accompanied by a great earthquake (Matthew 28:1-2). It is at this point that Satan is made aware of the victory of Jesus over death and grave and His triumph in the angelic warfare ( 1 Corinthians 15:54-57 ). Mary the mother of James, Mary Magdalene, and Salome came to the tomb with spices to anoint the body of Jesus (Mark 16:1).

As we continue friends, Mary Magdalene, upon seeing the stone rolled away, runs to tell the disciples because she thought that someone had stolen the body of Jesus (John20:1-2). Mary and Salome then sees an angel who tells them that Jesus had risen ( Mark 16:5-6 ). Peter and John runs to the tomb after hearing what Mary Magdalene had reported to them .Upon arriving at the tomb, Peter is told that Jesus had risen from the dead. He enters the tomb and he wonders at what he had seen (Luke 24:10-12). Mary Magdalene who had not heard the angels report, returns to the tomb and does not recognize Jesus when she sees Him (John 20:11-18). It is to Mary Magdalene that Jesus first reveals Himself in the resurrected power even though He has not yet been glorified at the Ascension (John 20:17).

Dear friends as we see a description of the resurrection; Jesus Christ was physically dead before being taken down from the Cross. He was not merely unconscious as some critics have claimed the “swoon” theory. The soldiers declared Jesus dead. They would have suffered punishment for not making sure that any prisoners was dead before being removed from the Cross (Mark15:45). The blood and water flowing from Jesus side is a medical indication of physical death. After being taken down from the Cross, Jesus was prepared for burial and locked in a tomb eliminating all possibility of Him receiving medical attention. The women came to the tomb prepared to anoint the dead body of Jesus.(Mark 16:11) If Jesus had not died physically, He would not have been worthy to be a sin offering to God (Matthew 26:12). Jesus body could have been removed by His followers as some have claimed. There are too many contradictory facts against that conclusion.

As we go on, the disciples of Jesus were afraid and had already deserted Him.(Matthew 26:69-75). Their boldest leader Peter had denied Jesus three times. The tomb was sealed with the Imperial Seal of Rome; to break it and enter the tomb would itself be punishable by death. The tomb was guarded by the Roman soldiers. To attack them would have been suicidal. Such an attack was considered an act of insurrection to be punished by crucifixion ( Matthew 27:62-66 ). The followers of Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus would not have arranged to bury Jesus in such a prominent place if they had intended to steal His body. His disciples believed that Jesus was still in the tomb on resurrection morning indicating that there was no plot to steal his body. Jesus resurrection was a bodily resurrection.He came out of the tomb as a mighty conqueror! Jesus had personally declared before His death that He would be resurrected bodily (John 2:19-21) The angels at the tomb declared that Jesus had resurrected (Luke 24:6-8). The tomb was empty and the grave clothes were folded and in order only minutes after the tomb was opened. (Mark 16:6, John:20:5-7). Jesus appeared to five women who touched his feet and held Him ( Matthew 28:9). Jesus ate with His disciples after the resurrection. This would have been impossible if it was just a vision or a psychological mass delusion. ( Luke 24:41-45). Jesus body was described in detail after the resurrection by various witness. (John 20:25-28). Several other individuals have been raised from the dead but in each case the person died. The resurrection of Jesus was thus unique in that “He ever lives to make intercession for us.” Yes, my friends this is all true in accordance with the word of God. Know the “Truth” when people question you about the “Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus!”

God Bless.





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