“He Who Has Not Sin May Cast The First Stone!”

27 04 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends as I bring you again to another article of mine, let us take a look at the above article! Sounds very familiar right? Today, how many of us can bravely and boldly say that we have not sinned? Friends let us take a look at what the word of God has to say! Dear friends, as we take good look at the title above “He who has not sin may cast the first stone!” Are any of us out there today who is able to “cast the first stone?” Friends, are there any of us today who have not sinned? If our answer is Yes, then we make God a liar because God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to be sacrificed on that cross for the sins of all mankind. If we say, that we have not sinned that means Jesus has not died for us. Jesus came to the world for the sinners and definitely not for the righteous. It is not the healthy ones that need a doctor but the ones that are unhealthy needs  a doctor.

Friends, as believers in Christ we still tend to accuse people of their sins and forgetting to know that we too have sinned. Our own sins have blinded us because we can only see the sins of others! What does the word of God actually say to us about judging and accusing others of their sins? Is it not to take out the plank that is in your eyes before removing the speck of sawdust from your brothers eyes? We read the word of God and we attend church services every week, yet we still can judge and accuse people! There must be really something wrong with us right? Either we don’t understand the word of God or we do understand the word of God, but we like to go on accusing and judging others! Maybe for some people it makes them feel good to throw such accusations against someone. It keeps them satisfied.

Dear friends, let me take you to the story of a woman caught in adultery! These men, brought the woman who was caught in adultery, and right so she is an adulterer! They brought her to Jesus, saying that in the Law of Moses, a woman caught in adultery must be stoned to death! Jesus knew that these men from the young ones to the older ones were waiting to trap him! So, Jesus told them, “He who has not sin to cast the first stone!” They were all holding stones in their hands ready to stone the woman caught in adultery. One by one those men who were holding stones in their hands threw the stone on the ground and went away! Yes, my friends! Those men who brought the woman to Jesus were also the ones who had committed adultery with her! They knew that they had all sinned with that women. Jesus looked up at the woman and asked her where are the men that have condemned her? She told Jesus that there was none and Jesus told the woman that He neither condemns her too and asked her to live a life without sin.

Dear friends, let each and every one of us learn a lesson from the text above! Jesus being our Messiah and Savior does not condemn the woman then who are we friends to accuse, judge and condemn others? Before condemning and bringing false accusation against someone make sure to see ourselves in the mirror first. Are we all that perfect and holy that we have not sinned against anyone? If we say that we have not sinned then we are God! Are we God? Let us not be so hasty with our mouths to bring accusation against someone. Whoever sin they have to give an account to God on the day of Judgment! Stop playing “Judge” and let God do all the judging because whatever we do nothing is hidden from God’s sight. We are accountable for our own sins and not the sins of others! Looking at the above title, God is telling that none of us are perfect and that we have all sinned and we all have our own weaknesses!

Dearly beloved friends, as God’s dearly loved children, stop all the accusation, condemnation, judging and gossiping that you are about to bring on someone Today! Instead of that try to be a Better Christian and a Good Witness to others. We have to make a Difference as a Believer In Christ! Jesus forgave us of our sins and we are to do likewise. Have a Blessed Day my friends!

God Bless.





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