“Men, You Are The Head Of The Household!”

29 04 2011

Dear friends, as I bring you to another article of mine, do please take time to read this article. Men and women please do not get offended with what I am going to write about in this article. There might be some sensitive elements that I might touch on but it will all be supported with the word of God. My apologies in advance if ever both genders get offended. Stay on and read the rest of my article!

Dear friends, as we look at the above title let us go more in detail on it.

Today, in this present world, many men are losing their role as the “man of the house” and their leadership is instead being controlled by the ‘woman of the house.” It is not only at home that these men are being controlled by the women but it is also happening at their workplace! Aha! Men please be on your guard or you will lose the “God given authority” that was placed upon you as the “head of your household!’ Let me take you men and women back to the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. It was the beginning of creation of the world! When God created the world and everything on it, He created “man” and not “woman” to govern it. In the beginning itself God gave the “authority” and “leadership” to man and not to a woman.

Dear friends, that is why it is so important men that you know where you stand and your position be it in the family, your working place and even in the church! Why did God made man first and not woman? God knew that women were the weaker sex and that they can fall easily! That is why God made man first and not woman to govern or have authority over man! Woman was only a helper to the man Adam because man was feeling lonely and he needed a partner. Men,do not take the statement that I said man was lonely and needed a partner and make your wife into a “sex object!” She is your wife and treat her with “dignity.” Friends, who was tempted by Satan? Adam or Eve? Definitely it was Eve and it showed her “weakness” as a woman. Eve could have said “No” to Satan but she did not and she gave the fruit to her husband to eat and both fell into sin! The biggest mistake the woman ever did! When God came walking in the garden of Eden, He called for Adam first and not the woman. Adam was afraid and said to God that both of them were naked! Adam as a man whom God gave authority to govern over every living thing and also the authority over the woman lost his authority as a man! In fact he should have told to Eve that God had forbidden them to eat the fruit from the tree of life! When God questioned Adam, as a man he should have taken the blame but he told God “the woman that you put here with me, she gave me the fruit from the tree and I ate it!” ( Genesis 3:12) What an explanation, Adam as a man gave to God!

Dear friends, many of you men out there still have the “Adamic Spirit” within you! You are the man of the house. Man you are to submit to God and woman you are to submit to your husband. I am not putting this command to you woman but it is from God as it is written in Ephesians 5:22 “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church. Now as the the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.” Women the word of God says “everything” and not “somethings” only! In today’s present world, women wants to be the “head of the household” and she wants to control “everything.”

Please do know your position in the family. Learn to be like women in the bible who were submissive to their husbands and they were godly women. They knew their position as a woman in the house. Women, please do not get me wrong when the word of God tells you to submit to your husband meaning that you are not a slave when you submit to your husbands. A man is a man and woman should know how to respect man.

Dear friends, I have personally seen how some women treat their husbands in front of others! They think that they are the head of the household and every decision must be made by the woman and not man. Women, I am not telling you that you can’t make any decisions, but as a woman let the man make the decision and then both of you spouses should sit and pray about the decision that is to be made. Be  wives who are there to support your husbands fully and not to “queen control” your husbands.

Be a pillar where your husbands can lean on. Remember you are his “helper” to be with him and not to rule him. Men do not forsake the authority and leadership that God as bestow upon you as a man! Love your wives and do not be harsh with them. They are not your slaves when they submit to you. Treat them with respect and love them as you love your own self! This is a command from God and not from me (Ephesians 5:28) Those of you men out there , that God has put as a leader and given authority to govern the country and a household use it and do not be like Adam. Be a “man” and carry out what has been entrusted into your care and be “responsible” for whatever you do! If you lose your authority and leadership as the head of your household, even your children would not see you as the head of the household. Be firm to stand as the “Man of the House!”

Have a Blessed Day and God Bless.





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