“Temptations, Are We Able To Resist It?”

6 05 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends, as I bring you to another article of mine for the day, let us take a look at the above title. Temptation! Friends all of us do face temptations everyday in our lives. There is no one who is left without facing temptation for the day. Let us take a look to see what the word of God speaks about temptation?

Dear friends, before we move on to see how we can handle temptation, let us take a look and see what is the meaning of temptation? “Temptation” is the act of enticement to do wrong, by promise of pleasure or gain.That’s right! Temptation motivates you to be bad by promising something good. Friends, isn’t that just like Satan? Yes, friends! Satan is known as the tempter (Matthew 4:3, 1 Th 3:5). Satan will go all out to tempt us so that we will be disobedient to God.

Dear friends, as we move on, let us take a look at a few people in the bible that fell into temptation. The first one of course was Eve! In the Old Testament in Genesis 3:6 it was written that Eve yielded to temptation brought by Satan to Eve.God told them both not to eat the forbidden fruit but they still disobeyed God and went on with it. Eve listened to Satan and ate the fruit and also gave the forbidden fruit to her husband Adam. They both fell into sin because of the temptation that they could not resist. Thus, Adam and Eve were both thrown out of the Garden of Eden and our struggle of sin began.

Friends, the next on line was the famous King David also known as the child after God’s heart. King David too fell into temptation! He committed adultery with Bathsheba. King David saw Bathsheba having her bath and he fell into temptation. He was all out to get her and he did got her. In fact King David told his army men to put Bathsheba husband in the front line of the battlefield and Bathsheba husband died in the battlefield. It was all because of the lust of the eyes that King David fell into temptation. King David also fell into the trap of Satan. King David could have resisted it if he wanted too, but he did not.

Dear friends, then we see Samson, the man who tore the lion apart with his bare hands and Samson was also the one that brought down the two central pillars that he was bound to and killed the Philistines. Samson fell into temptation too. His weakness, “women!” Samson was cheated by Delilah. she was a prostitute. He was lured by Delilah’s beauty and charm that he revealed to her that his mighty “strength” was in his hair and no razor was used on his head because he was to be set apart to God from birth and he is to be a Nazirite. Samson too was to be a vessel for God, but Satan tempted him through Delilah. Samson too disobeyed God.

Dear friends, there are three fundamental principles that summarizes any temptation we may face in our daily life. First the lust of the eyes, then the lust of the flesh and finally the pride of life. It all starts with the eyes and then we take it into our flesh and then into our life. The devil is so subtle in carrying out his devious plans against the children of God. At times we are so blinded that we are not able to see what Satan is planning against us. Temptation is not an easy thing to overcome. At times people do say that God is tempting them. No, my friends! God does not tempt us at all. It is written in the book of James 1:13-14. It is by our own foolishness that we fall into temptation. We have chose to disobey God like Adam and Eve. Satan tempts but not God. From the beginning itself Satan went all out to tempt the children of God. And we are his “target” too!

Dear friends, Jesus being the Son of God himself was tempted by Satan but Jesus overcame temptation by using the word of God against Satan. Yes, my friends, today whatever form of temptation you are undergoing remember that we still can choose either to carry on with the temptation or go against it with the word of God. The book of James 4:7 tells us to “Submit ourselves unto God.Resist the devil and he will flee away from you.” Yes, my friends we are to use the word of God to stand against temptations of all kinds. Without the word of God in our lives we are definitely not able to overcome temptation. Today, my friends, how deep has the word of God taken root in our lives that we are able to stand against temptation? Let us check ourselves, friends. Have a Blessed Day.

God Bless.





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