” Mothers! Who Are They And Why Did God Gives Us Moms?”

7 05 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends as we take a look at another article of mine, let us take a look at the above topic. “Mothers! Who are they and why did God gave each and every one of us a Mom?” Stay on with me friends and please do read the rest of the article.

Dear friends, as we celebrate “Mother’s Day” tomorrow  on the 8th of May 2011, let us take a look why a Mother is an important being and why did God gave unto each and every one of us a person whom we could call mom, amma, ma, ibu, mummy and so on. Why is this being called “Mother” is so important in our lives? The answer is because she brought you into this world and of course it is also with the help of your dad too! Before you were ever in your mother’s womb, God knew you much more earlier then your mum. You were God’s child and God wanted someone who could love and take care of His child. Someone who will give all her love to that child. A person who will not withhold any good thing from His child. A person who will be able to teach good godly values to his child. A person who will bring the fear of God and the laws and commandment of God to His child.

Dearly beloved friends, God has been searching for this wonderful being call “Mother” who can be a vessel to bring you forth to the world. And there God found your “Mother.” A woman who has been praying to God to give her a child. No matter what religion you come from, all babies are from God and babies are in fact a “gift” from God to the parents. God knew that your mom was the perfect mother for you my friends. Please do make sure you do not compare your mom with other moms. She has been made perfectly just for you to bring you into this world. She carries you for nine months and mind you my friends it is never an easy task. She has to undergo a lot of things just for you. There will be changes in a physical body appearance and much more and it is all because of you. She is willing to take all the labor pains just to bring you out into this world.

Dear friends, when you are out, that is not all of it. She has to make sure that you are well taken of in every area of your life. Some of us are born in wealthy families and some of us are born in poor families. Those who are born in wealthy families you do get all the best care and the best of everything. What about those of you who are born into poor families? You who are doing well now, do you know how much your mom would have gone through just to make sure you still have the best. Did you ever sit to think of all the sacrifices she made just for you? She would have gone through so many nights without food to make sure that the little food she had would be enough to fill your stomach. That is why mothers are so important beings my friends! They are willing to do anything to feed their children. They are angels from above sent by God to you. You may be a married man or a married woman, but to the eyes of a mother she still sees you as her own “little baby.” That is a mother!

Dear friends, today many of us would have lost our mothers. My mom is not with me anymore and I do really love her to this very moment. I knew how she suffered and sacrificed her life for me and my siblings and I thank God that He had given me a wonderful mom and an angel from above. My friends, where is your Mom today? Have you thanked her for all the sacrifices that she made for you?  Have you been so thankful to her that you have put her in the Old Folks Home or a Care Center? Does your mother deserve to be put in those places? I do wonder how some children have the heart to do so. Friends, she did not put you in any home when she was suffering or when ever you were a problem to her? She took care of you through all the storms in your life.

Dear friends, today if you have left your mother at these places, go and take her back to live with you. Ask for forgiveness and she will forgive you. All she ever needs form you is your Tender Loving  Care. That’s all! Sons and daughters out there, go and bring your mothers back. The 5th commandment with a promise from God is to “Honor your father and mother” so that you may live well all the days of your life. If you cannot love your mother whom you can see then you cannot love God whom you can’t see. Remember, money can never buy a Mother’s Love and you can never ever find another Mother! To those of you who are mothers, “Have A Blessed Mothers Day.”

God Bless.





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