“Who Is Under Threat, The Christians Or The Muslims?”

9 05 2011

Dear friends, as we look at the above topic,  a statement has been made by the Pembela President Yusri Mohammad, that the Christians are a threat to the Muslims. Why on earth do the Christians need to be a threat to the Muslims? In those days there were no issues like this but why now? What is the motif behind all this accusations? Being a leader and bringing forward this type of accusations shows that Yusri Mohammad is not at all a good leader. A leader does not promote hate against one another. I believe that the  Koran does not teach the Muslims to hate one another and cause disunity among people of different races and religion? As I know all religion whether you are Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh or Bahai, all teaches us to do good and to love all mankind regardless of their race and religion. Which religion promotes hatred against one another? There is none, then why all the accusations?

The Pembela President also made a statement to the reporters after the Pembela’s forum entitled “Islam Under Seige.” What Can We Do? Adding that Christians are on a mission to convert Muslims in the country, he said that it all starts with “confusing Muslims” by using Islamic terms. He says that it is the strategy of Christians to confuse Muslims by using terms and phrases which the Muslims commonly use, he said. I wonder why did Yusri Mohammad said that the Muslims can be confused? Are the Muslims that weak in their faith that they can be so easily converted to Christianity? My apologies, but let me make a comparison here with all the other faiths. The Muslims pray five times a day unlike those of other faiths. Meaning that the Muslims are strong in their faith. Then how could Yusri Mohammad say that the Muslims can be confused? At a very early age, Muslim children are taught to recite the Koran. They have a very strong foundation. It is a very wrong statement to put against the Muslims saying that they can be confused. Meaning a person who is confused is a person of an unstable mind. Is Yusri Mohammad saying that our Muslim brothers and sisters have an unstable mind? Why is Yusri Mohammad degrading the Muslim congregation by saying that the Muslims can be “confused?”

Dear friends, it is not only that, Yusri Mohammad also stated that it is clear for all to see the aggressiveness and confrontational ways of Christians in bringing cases to court, their police report all over the country at their press statement whether on the issue of Allah or Al-Kitab issue. Christians are not aggressive people. Don’t the Christians have the right to speak up when their Holy book the Bible is being confiscated? Why meddle with the Bible and make a big issue over the usage of Allah? Just reverse the whole scenario, what if the Koran is being confiscated? How would the Muslims react? Why say that the Christians are a threat to the Muslims? Have the Christians confiscated the Koran? Have the Christians bomb the surau or the mosque? Have the Christians opened churches every corner? None of  these was done? Have anyone seen directly Christians converting the Muslims? Have the Christians created chaos and instability in this multiracial and multicultural society? Why then the accusation that Christianity is a threat to the Muslims? The Christians are no threat to anyone. We only believe in Peace and Love to all mankind regardless of race and religion.That’s all.

Dear friends, the Muslims are not under threat but the Christians. With the current issue that is being spread falsely that Christianity will be the main religion in Malaysia made by some ruthless individuals out there who wants to cause disunity that will stir up another May 13. Christianity has become the “scapegoat” a reason to start another May 13! Do you know by such accusation, Muslims will begin to hate the Christians in this country? Are the accusations true? Christians are in threat because with such accusations anything can happen. Our churches will be vandalized and bombed by those narrow minded Muslims. There won’t be the “Semangat Kejiranan” anymore if this type of accusations are being thrown against the Christians. Hello, I live in a beautiful neighborhood where my neighbors are all wonderful Muslim people. I thank God for my neighbors who are Muslims. Why are people trying to create disunity by bringing in religious sentiments? What is the government doing about this?

Dear friends, another statement was made by the Melaka Perkasa chief Abd Rahim Othman, the alleged conspiracy if true, was seditious and went against Article 3 of the Federal Constituition stipulating Islam as the official religion of the Federation. By the way everyone knows that Islam is the official religion of the federation. We Malaysians are not that stupid that we do not know that Islam is the official religion in Malaysia. Abd Rahim Othman also stated that if there is a proof, it is an offense under the Sedition Act, and he hopes that legal action will be taken against those involved. Friends, I highlighted the word ‘if” because it is use as a conditional “if”, because Abd Rahim Othman said, “if the conspiracy is true” and “if there is proof” meaning he is unsure whether the allegations are true or not? What if the conspiracy is not true and what if there is no proof of the allegation made that Christianity will be the official religion in Malaysia? The people that brought this kind of allegation and accusation do they know what they have done? They have brought hatred and anger in some Muslims against the Christians! What is the Malaysian government doing about this? The Muslims are not under siege and threat as what the Pembela President Yusri Mohammad said, Its the Christians that are under threat! Once damage is done it is done. How are you going to remove the anger, hurt and revenge once it is already in an individual? Please stop and think if all these things are worth it or not? We are suppose to promote Peace and not Disunity!

Have a good day and God Bless.






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