“The Truth Will Always Prevail!” We Want Justice To Be Taken,Mr PM!

10 05 2011

Dear friends, as we take a look at the above topic entitled “The Truth Will Always Prevail.” Yes, my friends. Whatever is done in the dark will be brought out in the light. Last Saturday the 7th of May 2011, Utusan had published a report claiming that DAP was conspiring with Christian leaders to convert the nation into a Christian State and install a Christian Prime Minister. Both DAP and the Christian leaders denied such things ever took place. All allegations were not true. In a moment it caused a stir among some narrow minded Muslims who did not ever stop to think if these allegations that was made was true or untrue. There were unruly remarks that was uncalled for made by the PEMBELA President Yusri Mohammad and Melaka PERKASA Chief Abd Rahim Othman. They just threw their words and throwing accusations and allegations against the Christians without stopping to think before they SPEAK!

The blogger responsible for Utusan Malaysia’s Malaysian Christian conspiracy report, marahku.blogspot.com appeared to have deleted all post’s related to the allegation amid causing racial tension between the country’s Christian and conservative Muslim communities. A check by the Free Malaysia Today showed that all post on the issue of the Christian Conspiracy have been removed or deleted from the Pro-Umno blog just as Home Minister Hishammudin Hussein revealed that nine police reports had been lodge against Utusan  Malaysia and those behind the allegation. If the allegations were true, why was it removed from the Pro-Umno blog?

Why is the Prime Minister the head of the country not taking any action againts Utusan under the Sedition Act? Why action is not taken against those who have falsely accused and brought false allegations against the Chief Minister of Penang and the Christian leaders and the Christian community? Is the Prime Minister comfortable with what has taken place? Why the SILENCE? Why is the ISA not taken against those who have caused this racial and religious tension? The Law applies to everyone, we want to see Justice taken against those who are responsible for this!  “Christians Are Being Persecuted” in every way in Malaysia! Why Are The Christians Being Treated In This Way? What have the Christians done? Mr Prime Minister, you are not a Prime Minister for the Umno-BN One Malaysia community alone. You are the Prime Minister for all Malaysian Citizens in Malaysia regardless of our race and religion. Treat EVERYONE fairly.

Those who have started all these nasty hidden agenda are only waiting to provoke another May 13! This should not be the case. Those responsible should be convicted under the Internal Security Act for trying to create a havoc and cause riot in the country. I hope that the Prime Minister will take a look into the matter as soon as possible and don’t dilly dally on this matter and prolong it! The PRU 13 will be coming soon and the Public is watching every step and move that the leader is making. Hold on to what has been ENTRUSTED to you or it will be taken and given to ANOTHER to GOVERN. Remember, “WHAT YOU SOW THAT IS WHAT YOU WILL REAP!” Whatever is done in the Dark will be brought out in the Light. “The Truth Will Always Prevail!”

Have a blessed day and God Bless.





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