“Has Humanity Lost Its Meaning In The Human Race?”

12 05 2011

Friends, as I take you to another article of mine for the day, let us take a look at the above title and ponder on the meaning of the word Humanity.In today’s world people have all become so self centered and selfish that we totally forgot the meaning of Humanity. What is Humanity? Has humanity lost its value in the human race? Please read on friends.

Dear friends, in today’s world that we are living, does the word humanity still exist among us? What is Humanity? Humanity is just to be more human to others. Are we being more human to others or are we less human to others around us? If we take a look at the people around us there are many of us who has already forgotten the word humanity. People become so self centered and selfish and its all about them and their families.  They just do not care for others. We being humans,I wonder if  there is still humanity within us? As we take a look around the world there are many global issues happening around the world.

Do we ever care what is happening around us? I don’t think so. We do not even care a damn of what is happening around us. What are the politicians doing? Do they even care? The word “humanity” does not exist in their dictionary.There are still people living in poverty, children and women are being physically and sexually abused. We have child labor in our country. There is human trafficking and child prostitution.The damn politicians are just sitting up there and do not want to go to the ground to see what is really happening to the people. There are so many issues to be looked into. The only time this damn politicians ever go to the ground is only during the General Elections. Its the same with the ruling party and the oppostions too. Politicians are Politicians! Their only interest and main agenda is only “politicking.” They get what they want and then they forget about all the damn promises they make to the public.

Friends, we see famine and starvation in the third world countries and also in our country? Thousands of children are dying daily without food. Do we care enough to do something about it? How often some of us waste our food even without thinking. There is lack of water in some countries yet here we have abundant of water and we do not even care to use it wisely. What about children of the war? What about child labour? Have we ever asked why are all these thing happening to kids at that young age? They are not in school but at the battleground. Carrying war guns instead of books. They are made orphans and are homeless. They are deprived of their childhood and made to serve in the war that is not theirs. There is no value on their lives. They are soaked in the blood of war. They know not the meaning of Peace but only War. How aware are we of all that is happening to the children in war-torn countries?

Dearly beloved friends, it is not only famine, starvation and children at war. What about children being physically and sexually abused by their own flesh and blood and also outsiders? Children are suffering in silence. Are we aware of that and what are we doing about it?  Are we turning away from things such as these? What about child trafficking and child prostitution? What are we doing about it? Are these things not in our agenda to be thought about seriously? How aware are we friends in such things? Are we alright with it if such things just carry on as they are? Then what is the meaning of humanity? Are we having Public Awareness to let the people know what is happening around the globe and in our country?

Dear friends, it is not only  children but also  women who are suffering in silence when they are being abused physically and sexually by the men. Some are even raped and murdered. What are we doing about it? Your neighbor may be a victim of wife abuse or child abuse. Have you done anything about it? Friends, at times we just do not want to heed to what is happening around us. We just want to turn away from all those things as long as it does not affect our family. Friends together we as humans we can do something to Stop child abuse, child violation, child trafficking, child molestation and rape, women being sexually and physically abuse, rape and murder. We can all do our part if we have this thing that we call “Humanity” within us. Try to get in touch with organizations that deal with child and women abuse.

Dear friends, today as we lay back at our cozy little homes and we feel so comfortable, let us not forget to think of those who are suffering out there around the globe. As you sit at homes educate the whole family on what is humanity. Talk to your friends over at lunch what is humanity? Bring the awareness of humanity to the people around us.  There are so many things that we can do. All we ever read in the newspapers are only about political issues, false accusations and allegations on religious issues, and so many sensitive issues that has caused disharmony and hatred among people. What are we bringing to our future generation? Have we ever stopped and think? We are not bringing any good values as leaders and we are not even bringing environmental and humanity awareness issues to the people especially to the future generation. Let us be more Humanity Minded. Leaders please get out of your “Comfort Zone” and do something!

Have a blessed day and God Bless.






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