“Have You Stained Your Hands With Blood?”

13 05 2011

Dear friends, as we take a look at the above topic entitled “Have You Stained Your Hands With Blood?” should bring an awareness to all mankind regardless of whatever background, race or religion you come from. If you notice, daily there are reports in the media that people around the globe are being killed daily. And do you know how many people and innocent children are being killed daily? Is there no more value for human life? Mankind has lost the meaning of HUMANITY! The word humanity has no value in human race anymore. It is not in the dictionary of mankind anymore. If there is, we would not find so many cases of children and people regardless of their gender, race and religion who are being killed daily.

Dear friends, why are thousands of children and babies being killed in war-torn countries? What have these innocent ones done to deserve death? Children are dying in the hands of cruel people whom I would address as the “beast of war.” They are not humans. If they are, there will be a sense of humanity in them! There are also children who are physically and sexually abused that has resulted in death. It is just because of the lustful and selfish pleasure of those “beast” out there, that these innocent children and babies are being killed daily. Do these innocent ones deserve it? I don’t think so at all! Thousands of innocent babies are being killed daily through the methods used in abortion cases. Again, what have these innocent ones done to deserve these kind of deaths? Friends, do you know that these babies who are being aborted every time has a heartbeat? They are being killed while they are still alive in their mother’s womb. Babies are being aborted for so many uncalled and unruly reasons. It is all because of $$$$$$$$$$$$$! Innocent Human lives have been traded for money in the business industry. There is no value any more on human life! What has our world come to???

Dear friends, killing another life is not lawful in the eyes of God. Life belongs to God and only God can take life and not humans. It was God who gave the “Breath of Life” to mankind and who is mankind to take away the  life of another human? It is a commandment given by God in the Ten Commandments that “Thou shall not kill.” Then why are we abusing the commandments of God? Friends, I would just like to share a word from the word of God from the Old Testament in the book of Genesis. It was about Cain and Abel the children of Adam and Eve. When Cain killed Abel out of anger and jealously, the blood of Abel was on the soil. Remember this is the first ever killing that took place in the human race. God told to Cain in Genesis 4:10 as it is written,”What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” Now you are under a curse. Friends, meaning if God has listened to the cry of Abel then what about the cry of millions of innocent children, babies and people who have been killed either in the war or in the womb? God is God and remember, you who have killed children, babies and people, their blood is on your hands and you have stained your hands with innocent blood that do not deserve to die. Their cries have reached God’s ears!

Friends, before I end my article, just to let you know so that you do not get “confused” that my sharing from the Bible in the Old Testament is not to “convert” anyone into Christianity but to let every mankind regardless of race and religion know that there is One Sovereign God and He hears the cry of every child that he CREATED. Remember it is not about race and religion but “HUMANITY!” Let us not lose this word of HUMANITY within all of us regardless of your race and religion. We are all children of God created in His image.

Have a Blessed day and God Bless.





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