“Watch And Pray Or You Will Fall Into Satan’s Trap!”

14 05 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer! Dear friends, as I take you to another article of mine for the day, let us take a look at the above topic. Let us see what the word of God has to say to each and everyone of us friends.

Dear friends, looking at the above topic, why does the word of God tells us to be on our watch and to pray? In the gospel of St Mark 14:38, Jesus told his disciples as it was written “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing but the body is weak.” Yes, my friends! Jesus told his disciples to keep watch for only an hour while he goes and pray in the Garden of Gethsemane. But when he came down after his agonizing prayer at Gethsemane, Jesus found his trusted disciples fully asleep. They were so tempted to sleep. In fact this disciples should have prayed together but they did not do it. Their spirit was willing but their body was weak. Jesus was to be arrested that night and brought to trial. Jesus was very aware of it. Jesus prayed to his Father in heaven. Jesus was going to be the sacrificial lamb that will be crucified for the sins of all mankind. 

Dear friends, we are all living in a world that is contaminated with sin. Earth is not heaven at all. If we take a look around us today my friends, you will know the surroundings that we are living in. How are we going to overcome all the temptation that are surrounding us today,friends? Do you and I think that we are strong enough to overcome the deadly temptations that we face in our daily lives? Many believers are back sliding in their faith. Why? Why are there divorce cases in our Christian families? Why is there murder? Why is there rape and abuse? Why are there many Christians involved in illegal activities? Why are some of our children  in a wrong relationship that is not at all right in the eyes of God? They have exchange natural relationships for unnatural ones? Why are all these happening in the homes of  our believers? Where have we gone wrong?

Dear friends, we believers take everything for granted. We spend a lot of time doing so many worldly things that we do not have time for godly matters. We become so busy with the circular world and our busy lifestyle that our spouse and children are left abandon and out of your agenda. That is why we see all those things mentioned above take place in our Christian homes. We are too busy, that we do not have time to pray and read the word of God. There are no family prayers at all. We are not at all watchful! But Satan is watchful, mind you my friends. When there are open avenues in our families, Satan comes in. This is what Satan has been waiting for all the while. An opportunity to get into the family of God and make it a mess. This is where we believers have gone wrong! We have fallen into the trap that Satan has planned so well. We have not guarded ourselves and our families with the Word of God.

Dearly beloved friends, how watchful and prayerful have we believers been? We have ample  time to spend watching television and surfing the Internet. We have so much time as I said to do all the other things. Friends, if things are going to be like this and not change then be sure that we believers will be falling into the trap of Satan. Satan is all out to destroy the children of God. If we are not going to be watchful and pray we will fall into the temptation of the world that has already been planned by Satan so that every believer who does not watch and pray will fall into Satan’s deadly trap. Only the word of God can protect us to overcome the daily temptations that awaits us. So friends, if your BIBLE is not with you today or you have misplaced it somewhere in your house, it is high time you go and look for it and start reading the word of God. It is the Truth and the Truth will set you free! Do not wait till tomorrow. Act on it know and save yourself from Satan’s trap. You do not know what Satan has plan for you tomorrow. Be on your guard always! Watch and Pray that you do not fall into temptation. Have a Blessed Day.

God Bless.





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