“Human Trafficking, It’s The Slavery Of The 21st Century”

21 05 2011

Dear friends, as we take a look at the above topic entitled “Human Trafficking” are we aware of this things that is happening around the globe. People have become so self centered that they do not even care to bother about this things. Friends, all we ever hear on the media is only about ‘drug trafficking.” Why are there no public awareness on “Human Trafficking?” Friends, do you know that 800,000 to 900,000 people are being trafficked each year?  How aware are each and everyone of us of this information? Do you know that those people who are trafficked could be your mother, your sister, your daughter or even your best friend? What if this happens to any one of them? We read in the media that children are getting kidnapped. Some are even lost and could not be found. What are the measures that are being taken to prevent “human trafficking?”

Friends, it’s hard to imagine that even today, some people are being held as slaves. But it’s happening in places you would least expect, in neighborhoods and businesses. It’s happening to women, girls and boys who are forced into a merciless life of sex slavery every day. Humans  have become slaves of  human trafficking. It’s the slavery of the 21st Century. As I have mentioned in my earlier postings, humanity has lost it’s meaning in the human race and also in the human dictionary. We hear cases of children and women who are being kidnapped and some are even lost and could not be found. What has happen to them? Friends, do you know that children as early as 4 years old are put into prostitution? They could be found in brothels serving their customers and entertaining them with sex. I really wonder, these men who are forcing these little ones to have sex with them, ever wonder what happens if that is his child who is being trafficked and sold into the sex trade industry? Why can’t they just stop and ponder on this matter? Is it just because it is other peoples child and not theirs that they do not even have the feeling of humanity? Do they know the feelings of those parents whose children have been kidnapped and trafficked to another country?

Friends, who are these children who are caught into human trafficking? Human trafficking victims have many faces. All too often they are children and teens who run away from broken homes. Traffickers prey on their vulnerability and coerce them into prostitution. Some are just drugged. They are not aware of what is happening to them. Friends, do not be shocked that some of these kids are sold to the human traffickers. It could be members of their own family due to reasons of poverty and financial breakdown. They even sell their teenage daughters to rich wealthy men. I wonder what kind of parents are these. In fact they could just go and get themselves a job. But they only want to make fast cash by selling their own flesh and blood to others. Do these children ever need this kind of a treatment?

Friends, every human life has a value. It is up to us who we call ourselves to be humans to value another human life. Let there be a sense of awareness and humanity as humans within us. If we cannot have this feeling towards another human then we are not at all fit to be called HUMANS! Friends, there are many women, teenagers and children out there on the streets who may need your help. Please, DO NOT TURN AWAY FROM THEM! If you are aware of cases of human trafficking, please try to get the authorities to look into the matter and released those who have been captivated by these human traffickers. Many are crying in silence. We have to stop this human traffickers or the next victim could be any one that we love.

Have a blessed day and God Bless.






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