“Friends, How Thankful Have We Been To God Today?”

24 05 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends as we take a look at today’s topic, how many of us believers have been thankful to God for all the wonderful things that He has done for us. At times, friends we as believers do take God for granted and we tend to forget to thank Him all the time. Let us see why we need to thank God?

Dearly beloved friends, we who are believers ought to thank the Lord at all times. If we take a look at what is happening around the globe today, we will indeed give thanks to God all the time. We hear news of famine and starvation. We also hear of wars and natural disasters that are happening around the globe. Some of us do not experience these things that are happening to our neighboring countries. We hear of activities such as human trafficking that is so vast in other countries. We hear of deadly accidents everyday. Some of us are not living in war torn countries where there are sound of bombs blasting every time. Have we ever been thankful for that, my friends?

Dear friends, as we sit at our comfortable homes, are we teaching our children to be thankful to God for everything? At times we see adults and children wasting food. They waste water. Some countries there is no water at all. have we ever remind our children not to waste water? Children are to be made aware of such things. We have everything and yet we do not take the time to thank God at all. If we are not going to teach the children to give thanks to God in all situation and circumstances, they will never ever learn to give thanks to God at all. Teach them to be thankful to God in little things that they receive. Let them know that they are so lucky than the other children who are serving as little soldiers in the war. They are carrying real guns and not books or toys in their hands. Are your children aware of that? If they are not aware of that, then how are they going to thank God for the lives they are living in.

Dear friends, at times many of us just rush out to work even without praying and giving thanks to God that god has given them another day to live. Some of us believers do not even thank God for the safe journey home. Remember friends, anything can happen to any of us while we are on the road. It is always good to thank God in faith for giving you a safe journey to and fro. If we as adults do not give thanks to God in everything, how do we expect our children to give thanks to God in everything too? We are to be a living BIBLE to our children, neighbors and our friends. Friends, when you have a function at home and dinner is served do not forget to pray and thank God for the food that He has blessed us with. Do not be ashamed to give thanks to God when people of a different race and religion are invited to the function.

Dearly beloved friends, as believers in Christ Jesus, let us make a difference to the world outside us. Let us have a Heart of Thanksgiving at all time to thank God for His grace and mercy. Remember friends, we are the living Bible to the community and those family and friends that are around us. In everything let us give thanks to God. Have a Blessed Day.

God Bless.





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