“Stop And Think Before You Abort A Life!”

25 05 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we take a look at the above topic entitled “Think before you abort” is a topic we believers need to look into seriously. Why is it serious that we need to take a look into this topic? Dare to watch the clips if you are against ABORTION! This is what is happening to our so called HUMAN RACE. Let us see what the word of God has to say to us friends.

Dearly beloved friends, as we take a look at the above topic we as believers need to take this matter seriously into our lives. Do you know friends, in the ten Commandments of God it is written by the finger of God that “thou shall not kill.” Do you know how many babies today are being aborted just like that and mind you United States has the highest rate of abortion cases performed every year.Many of them are believers just like you and me. And the doctors that perform the abortion cases are also believers. So how many babies are being aborted in a day? The answer 3500 a day and that equals to 1.3 million a year. Have we ever wondered what a huge figure that is? What has happen to the human race?

As I said in my earlier postings, Humanity has lost its value in the human race. Do these innocent lives deserved to be tortured a horrified death? What have these innocent ones done to deserve such deaths? Who is to be blame? Why is the rate of the abortion cases so high in number? Have we ever questioned ourselves about this? Are we so self centered that we just do not want to know about such things? Questioned yourselves, my friends!

Dear friends, many of you out there who are reading my article based on this topic could have been mothers who have aborted your child. Do you know friends, that when you go for an abortion you are going to kill a life that is growing inside you? Have you mums ever thought about that? You are going against the commandment of God that is “thou shall not kill.” You may say that you wanted an abortion because it was an unplanned pregnancy! Who is to be blame for that? You are the child that is in your womb?
Do you know mums that you have stained your hands with blood of an innocent life? Have you ever watched the video on how an abortion is carried out? If you have, you would not agree to abort the life that is in your womb. Children are a gift from God. Do you know mums how many women who are married and are barren? They want to have a child but they cannot conceive due to medical reasons. And here you mums who are pregnant just abort the child that is living inside you!
Do you know that the child inside you have to go through a very horrifying death? Do you know that the child can feel the pain through the procedure of abortion? It is just because of the pleasure of the husband and wife that resulted an unplanned pregnancy, the child has to go through the torture of being aborted! Mind you parents that you both will be held accountable for killing an innocent life that has a heartbeat. Do not say that you did not have any choice? You had! You both should have taken precaution!
Dear friends, many young girls out there who are believers and mostly teenagers have lost their virginity and they become pregnant out of wedlock. Who is to be blame for that? They are too young to become mothers who can take care of a baby when it is born! So they opt to abort the baby in the womb.
. Here too girls, do not say that you did not have any other choice but to abort the baby! You had! You should not have sex before marriage! Do not say that you had no choice! What are we as believers doing about it? We as parents are we educating our kids on such topics? Are we telling our girls and sons that they should not have sex before marriage? Sex is a gift from God given only to married couples. They are not to violate it before they get married. How many of us parents are talking openly to our children? A word of advice to all young girls out there and who ever you may be. “If you are going to have sex before marriage what do you have to give to your husband on your wedding night?” Remember it is a gift from God. Do not violate it. Keep this gift holy until your wedding day. That is what I tell my daughter and son.

Dear friends, when my daughter came back home last week, I showed her the video clips on how babies are being aborted. She said that she did not want to look at it. I made her to sit beside me and did force her to look at the video clips. There were tears in her eyes. She asked me, “Why mummy are they doing this? What have the babies done to deserve that kind of a death?
Friends, we as Christians can bring the awareness of abortion to our youths in church or we can speak to our friends who are non believers. Tell them that it is in fact a murder that is being done on the child through the procedure of abortion. I was working in a private clinic in 1992. I had to stop after working there for only four months. The reason? I had to assist the doctor in his abortion cases. I saw how it was done and how a life was being crushed and killed. I did not want to get myself involve in the killing of innocent lives. I knew it was wrong in God’s sight, so I stopped working there. Doctors who are performing abortion cases are killing innocent lives to have their salary. I wonder if they ever felt good in doing this abortion cases!  Friends, as believers let us pray that the rate of abortion cases will reduce. Friends, I have put up some photos of babies being aborted and have deleted some drastic ones. Please do not get offended. It is to raise public awareness and to say “NO TO ABORTION!” Give a thought on that my beloved ones.
God Bless.




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