“Are We Believers Aware Of The Word Human Race?”

30 05 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we take a look at the above topic entitled “Are we believers aware of the word Human Race?” Friends, in fact there are many of us out there who are believers and yet we do treat others the way they are not supposed to be treated. Stay on with me friends and read on. As believers let us not forget the meaning and the essence of Human Race.

Dearly beloved friends of mine around the globe. As we take one more look at the above topic, let us bring to our thoughts what does the word Human Race means? Friends, we are talking about the One Human Race regardless of who and what we are. Whether we are from the royal blood or just commoners. Whether we are rich or poor. Whether we are from a different race and religion. Whether we speak of a different language or whether we differ in the color of our skin, whether you are red or yellow or black and white, God loves us all.

Dear friends, God loves all his children. God loves all that he has made and created with his hands. When God created the man Adam, God formed the man Adam from the earth of the ground. Was Adam from a royal blood? Where did this royal blood come from? Was God from a royal blood? If God is from a royal blood then each and everyone of us must be from a royal blood! It is God who created all of us. I wonder if  there is a difference in the blood of the royals and the blood of the commoner? How royal is the royal blood different from the blood of a commoner? What I know is according to the medical term there are groups of blood. There is A+, A-, B+,B- and O the universal blood group. Does the color of blood differ in the blood of a royal and the blood of a commoner? The only color of blood is RED! And I believe that all Human Race carry the same color of blood.No matter who we are. Who are we actually? My point here is not whether you are from a royal blood or if you are a commoner, rich or poor but that we do not discriminate others who are made in the image of God. That’s all!

Dear friends, as we see in today’s world around the globe, why is there discrimination in race around the world. Mind you my friends, there are some of us who are believers are also doing the same thing, discriminating other races! Are we all not children of God? God created man in His own image. Why then at times we do discriminate others who are not believers? Why do we condemn others who are believers but they are from a different clan or caste? Why is there still the caste system in some believers? Who created the caste system? Definitely it is not God! It was man that made this caste system. It was man that made people into slaves.Mind you they were all believers. God only created only one race and that is HUMAN RACE. God hates slavery. That is why God sent his servant Moses to deliver the Israelites who were in bondage of slavery in Egypt.

Dear friends, what does the word Human Race means to you as a believer? Are we not suppose to love everyone regardless of their background, race and religion, color and status? Are we only suppose to love believers and not others of a different race? At times when we believers talk, we always like to avoid the unbelievers. We do not want to associate with them at all. Why? You may say that the Bible tells you so! Yes, I agree with you but did not Our Lord Jesus Christ mix and move with those who were unbelievers. Jesus Christ moved with everyone, those who were rejected by the society. Those whom Jesus Christ moved with were unbelievers and they accepted the word of god and received Salvation. If we are not going to associate with the unbelievers how are we to bring the gospel to them? Have we ever thought about that? At times we are so particular with our children that we do not want them to mix with the unbelievers. Why?

Dear friends, there are many of us believers only want to love those people we want to love. Does not the word of God tells us to love our neighbors? Who are our neighbors? What difference does it make if a Christian can love another Christian? Everyone can do that. What if a Christian can love a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist a Sikh and many others? That will make a difference. Friends, Jesus Christ died for all Human Race regardless of who they were. Jesus Christ did not die only for the Christians. Our Lord did not discriminate anyone because of their race. We as children of God ought to do the same. As believers, let us stop discriminating others. We are to love everyone. We are to make a difference. Let us have some value for the word HUMAN RACE. Remember God only created one race and that is the HUMAN RACE. Have a Blessed Day.

God Bless.





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