“There Is Only One RACE And That Is HUMAN RACE!”

30 05 2011

Dear friends and readers, as we take a good look at the above topic entitled “There is only one Race and that is Human Race!” Let us take a look at everyone around us. Who are we actually? Why is there discrimination in race everywhere around the globe? Discrimination leads to racism. Are we all not children of God. God created man in his own image. God created only one race and that is HUMAN RACE. God created everyone, you and I equally. Everyone around the globe is the creation of God. Whether you are from a royal blood or a commoner, rich or poor, red and yellow or black and white , we are all one human race in the eyes of God. Is God from a royal blood or is God a commoner? Who is greater than God?

Are we all not mere humans created by the hands of God? Who was Adam and Eve? Each and everyone of us, claim them to be our fore parents, don’t we? Regardless of our race and religion we all claim that Adam and Eve is our fore parents. Was Adam and Eve from a royal blood? How royal was Adam and Eve? God created Adam from the earth from the ground. Then where did this royal blood come from? How royal is the royal blood different from the blood of the commoner? Can we distinguish between the royal blood and the blood of the commoner? As we all know according to the medical term there are different groups of blood such as A+, A-, B+, B- and O that is the universal group.

Dear friends and readers, God created everyone equal. The blood taken from those who are from the royal blood and the blood taken from the commoner is of the same color. They are RED in color! My point here is not whether you are from a royal blood or if you are a commoner, rich or poor, we are all one made in the image of God and we are not suppose to discriminate anyone. Remember, when we discriminate another human being we are actually discriminating what God has created!  Who brought in the caste system? Where did it came from? Did God made the caste system? No, it was made by man. Man made rules! In the eyes of God everyone is the same. If you are going to talk about the caste system, what caste is God from? Mind you, God did not create the caste system at all. Man wanted to oppress their own mankind. What about slavery? Where did that come from? God is against slavery. Again it is made by man. Slavery, caste system, discrimination of race it is all done by man to rule and oppress the weaker ones.

Dear friends, if each and everyone of us can love one another as how we love ourselves, then we will know the value of the Human Race and Humanity. When I say loving one another meaning not your own kind of people you choose to love. If a Christian can only love another Christian what difference does that make? If a Christian can love his or her brothers and sisters who are Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist, Sikhs and those from other religions that will indeed make a difference! And it is the same with other religions too. If the rich can love the rich what difference does that make? If a rich brother can love a poor brother then it makes a difference! Lately there are so many issues on race and religion. Why? The problem is because we do not see one another human being as our own. We want to be different and that is why, today we see that there are slavery, caste and discrimination of race around the globe. Why can’t everyone be treated equally? Why do we still have the quota system in our country Malaysia? Why do we need to talk about being a bumiputra or a non bumiputra? A native or a non native? Does that all matters? Aren’t we all made in the image of God? Aren’t we all God’s children? There is only One Sovereign God who created each and every one of us. We are all serving and worshiping that One Sovereign God but in different faiths, that is all! There is only One God and not god’s! So let us not argue on that matter. Let us all,as so called human beings that God has created try to respect and love one another. If we can all love one another there will not be war, famine, poverty, bloodshed, human trafficking, child abuse, women abuse, illegal human organ trafficking and many more.

Dear friends, let us all stop for awhile and do take time to ponder on all these things. What is the use of praying to God when we can’t even love the people that God has created. All of us are One in the Human Race. What is going to become of the future generation my friends! World leaders and Politicians and people on the streets, what kind of a world and an environment are we creating for our future generation? Please do think about it. There is only One Race that God created and that is HUMAN RACE! Do not DESTROY the meaning of the word HUMAN RACE for our own SELFISH needs!

Have a blessed day and God Bless.






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