“The Good Shepherd And His Sheep”

2 06 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as I take you to today’s posting of mine, let us take a look at the topic entitled above. It is about the Good Shepherd and His sheep. Here the Good Shepherd is no one else but our Lord Jesus Christ. Friends, read on to see why is Jesus Christ known as the Good Shepherd.

Dearly beloved friends, as we take a look at today’s posting the word of God describes Jesus as the Good Shepherd, The Great Shepherd and The Chief Shepherd. Friends, we all know what is the work of a shepherd. A shepherd, shepherd’s his sheep in the green pastures. He makes sure that they are well fed at the green pasture and that they are given fresh water from the streams to refresh themselves. A shepherd also protects his sheep from the deadly wolves and also from the hand of those who wants to steal his sheep. A shepherd has a caring heart for his flocks. He tends them with a staff in his hand. A Shepherd will lay down his life for his sheep. Friends, the sheep will know the voice of its shepherd because they are tended with love. No one can steal them away from the hands of the Good Shepherd.

Dear friends, in our lives, Jesus is known as the Good Shepherd. We are all the sheep of his pasture. Jesus shepherds us with all of his love and compassion. He loves us more than his life. He cares for us daily.Jesus makes sure that we are daily fed and that we are refreshed daily by his word. Friends, Jesus protects us from all evil and dangers that is before us. We may not see the danger that is ahead of us but Jesus does. At times, we as his sheep have wandered away from the green pastures that Jesus the Shepherd is leading us into. We tend to move away and try to find our own green pastures. In doing this, we also tend to go on the wrong path. We may be heading into the wrong direction and getting ourselves lost. That is why we all need a Good Shepherd to direct us into the green pastures. Jesus does not want to lose any of his sheep that is each and everyone of us to the thief and that is of course the devil. The devil is ever waiting to snatch us from the hands of the Good Shepherd our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Dear friends, the word of God in the New Testament in the gospel of St John 10:27 as it is written, ” My sheep hear my voice,and I know them, and they follow me.” Friends, today we must be able to truly identify the voice of our Shepherd Jesus Christ. And to know his voice we must be in tune with the word of God daily. We must read and meditate on the word of God everyday. This is the spiritual food that we get from the spiritual green pasture of God that is the BIBLE. We are refreshed daily by his word. The word of God will quench our thirst my friends. Today as the sheep of God’s pasture how many of us are in hunger and thirst for God’s word? We need to feed ourselves daily with spiritual food that is the word of God. Many of us in fact feed ourselves with all kinds of worldly food that we end up having all kinds of sicknesses. We quench our thirst with the wrong kind of drinks such as carbonated and alcohol drinks. Does all these really quench our thirst my friends? We only end up having sicknesses, don’t we.

Dearly beloved friends, Today Jesus the Good Shepherd, is inviting each and everyone one of us who are his sheep into his pasture land. Jesus wants to refresh each and everyone of his sheep. He wants to anoint us with the oil of anointing. Jesus wants to fill our cup until it over flows. Jesus wants to give each and everyone of us a good rest. He knows how tired we are as his sheep. We are all so tired from our daily burdens of this world. Jesus wants to carry us in the time when we are so weak to walk. Friends, this is the heart of a Good Shepherd. Are you willing to be one of Jesus beloved sheep that belongs to his pen? Jesus the Good Shepherd is ever waiting for you, friends. Come before Jesus just the way you are and He will accept you in whatever condition you are in today regardless of your race and religion. Jesus Loves You and there is Hope in Our Lord Jesus Christ. The gate of His Pasture is open for You today, my friends. Do not hesitate to go into that green pasture that God has prepared for You my friends. Be Blessed and Stay Blessed Always.

God Bless.





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