“God Speaks, Even Today And He Is Still Speaking To You”

7 06 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we take a look at today’s posting let us see why are there some of us as believers still do not want to put our trust in God. We still want to seek what man got to say to us. What is our standing before God today? Is God real in your life today, my friends? Let us see what does the word of God has to reveal to us today.

Dearly beloved friends, as we take a look at the above topic again, let us check out our standing with God today. Today it is a sad thing to say that many of us who are believers have already back slide on their faith. There are believers who have denied God and have gone seeking other false gods. Why have these so called believers done such a thing? Have they forgotten that the God that they were serving was a living God and not a dead God! Friends, we as believers must really know our standing with God. Our God is the same God of yesterday, today and forever. He is a God that has never changed in His love for His people. Today, God speaks to each and everyone of us and He is still speaking to us. Do you believe this my friends?

Dear friends, if you believe that God is real in your life then He is indeed real. It is by faith you have to believe my friends. Why are we reading the word of God today and believing it? It is because by faith you and I believe that every word in the bible is God breathed, don’t we? Yes, my friends, every word in the bible is the breath of God. Every word is living and powerful. There is healing in the word of God. Today, how many of us as believers believe that God is speaking to us today and God is still speaking?

Dear friends, as believers and followers of Christ Jesus, how many of us can boldly say unto others that we meet of different faith saying that God is a living God and He speaks to each and everyone of us even today? Friends, how do you as a believer knows that God is speaking to you, today? We as children of God must be in tuned with God’s word daily and we are to have a really good and deep relationship with God our Father. If we do not have this Father and child relationship, you will really never know if it is God speaking to you or Satan speaking to you. Remember that the devil knows the word of God too. That is why many believers get so confused and they get lost. They cannot discern the voice of God and the voice of the evil one.

Dear friends, we as believers have to be very careful in the last days because the word of God says so. It is an early warning to us as believers not to run  after false prophets and preachers. They are agents sent by the devil to confuse the minds of weak believers because they do not read or meditate on the word of God daily. If we do not read the word of God daily, how are to know that God is speaking to us? Friends, we have to read the word of God to have a good relationship with God to understand God and His will upon our lives. Many believers have chosen the wrong path in their lives because they cannot hear what God is telling them to do. We must talk to God to hear what God wants to speak to us. There are some of us believers who only want to talk to God on Sunday’s only. They feel that only on Sunday’s God will be in church. Friends, please do remember that God is ever waiting for you to talk to Him daily and not only on Sunday’s. God created man to have fellowship with Him daily and not only on Sunday’s!

Dear friends, do you know that God is speaking to you even at this time? God is reminding you that He is always there for you and He will never leave you nor forsake you. God clearly knows what you are going through today in your life. God is telling you today to cast all your burdens upon Him. God says that He has sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ to carry all your burdens that you are carrying today. God knows that you are so weak and tired of carrying your burdens. God is telling you today to trust in Him because he loves you and He will never let you be put to shame. God says that He loves you so much that He is ever willing to help you but you have to believe that he exist and that He is a Living God and not a dead God. Today, God is speaking to you personally my friend. You have been asking so many questions to God and this is His reply to you. Trust and Believe in Me that I am your creator and that I love you and I will answer you from my dwelling place, my child! Stay blessed and Be Blessed always.

God Bless.





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