“Is Tomorrow Destined For Any Of Us?”

7 06 2011

Dear friends, as we take a look at today’s topic entitled “Is Tomorrow Destined For Any One Of Us?” Friends can anyone of us out there around the globe say Yes, that you know tomorrow is destined for you. I do not think that many of us are bold enough to say that there is this phrase called “tomorrow” for any one of us. Friends my posting here is to bring the awareness of love and compassion to every human being out there in this big wide world of ours regardless of who you are your race and religion.

We, the human race that God created  are all one. We are no different than anyone. We may speak a different language but we are One. We may vary in our skin color but we are One. We may each look different but we are One. Why do I use the term One? It is because God created all of us in His own image. If every individual can love one another and have compassion upon one another then this world would be a better place to live in. God created this planet earth for mankind to live in it and not to destroy it with hatred that leads to war. Friends, we are all so ignorant about what God has given us all to treasure.

Friends, we have to understand clearly that only Today is given unto us and there is no Tomorrow unless it is the will of God that you are given this Tomorrow to live. Friends, what have we done Today? Have we done any good things that if we are gone tomorrow will people remember us of all the good things that you have done today? Have we ever lent a helping hand to those who have come today to you and I for help?

Friends, have you given food to someone who was hungry today because he or she had no money to buy food? Friends, have you ever visited those people and kids who are put in homes because they are not wanted by families? Those of us who are wealthy enough have we ever donated to charity today? We who are in power ruling in the government, are we ruling the country wisely and with justice? We who are employers are we treating our employees with dignity? Are we paying the wages that is appropriate for the employee?

Dear friends, do we ever, ever care what is happening around us? Look around you today, my friends! What are we as one Human race doing for one another? Are we willing to love another human being regardless of who they are? If we as one Human race willing to love one another as I said earlier, there will not be war, famine, starvation, human trafficking, sexual abuse on children and women and many more. If we have this love within us we will learn to protect our environment. Remember God gave us this planet earth to look after it with love but instead we have destroyed what God has given to the Human race. Friends, ask yourself what good have you done Today? No matter what your background is, each and every one of us are God’s creation.

Dear friends, you only have Today to dwell on all the good things God has given you. You only have Today to do all the good things that you want to do.Many of us out there today are planning so many things for tomorrow be it good or bad. It will only be God’s will if you are able to see Tomorrow my friends. Let us all live as today is our final day on earth. Above all things let us learn to Love everyone regardless of who they are. We all got to make a change to have a more meaningful life fill with this word call “LOVE”  God gave it to all of us to Love all mankind regardless of who they are, their race and religion. We Are All One Human Race!  Love One Another!

Have a blessed day and God Bless.






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