“Is These What We All Want?”

11 06 2011

Dear friends, as we take a look at today’s topic entitled, “Is These What We All Want?” Let us all pause for a while and look at the things that is happening around us and around the globe today. Are we really happy and glad that things are always good or do we feel troubled when we hear news from the media and internet. There is a feeling of “unrest” within all of us, don’t we? Everyday, day in and day out 24/7 we always get news that troubles each and every one of us. News from different areas of life. None of us are at peace. We are all looking and searching for this word called ” peace” and” love”  for all human race. Have we ever questioned ourselves where have this peace and love that we all as one Human Race is searching for had gone to!Today’s article will be on parental love.

Dear friends, let us take a close look at families of this present time. Both parents are out working to meet the needs of the family. Children are left in day care centers and nurseries to be looked after and cared for. They are left in the hands of  baby sitters to be cared for. Children are being deprived of the parental Love because both parents are so busy looking for money to make ends meet. Children grow without the love from both their parents. We brought our child into this world and we give them into the hands of outsiders to be cared for. Parents if you both are working parents try to find a way where one will be able to care for the child. It is your responsibility as parents. Do not take things for granted in this world. We are all hearing of news of babies being sexually and physically abused.  Is this what we really want?

Dear parents, how sure are you that your child is in save hands? Are you at peace at work knowing that your child is in the hands of another person? Would not your mind be wondering what is happening at home? Your state of mind is not at rest or at peace thinking about your child in the day care centers! I know that we all have to look for money to meet our financial ends but is it worth if you have to lose something that you love, that is your flesh and blood? An innocent child in the hands of unknown person.

Friends, you may say that I do not understand the situation that you are going through. I am a mother of two kids. I am proud to say that both of my kids have not been left in the hands of strangers. Me and my late husband too had to meet all our financial needs. Times were tough but still my husband was the sole bread winner for the family. I use to give tuition classes at home where my kids are right in front of me and I know that they are always safe and they get all the love and attention that they both need. Parents there are so many jobs that could be carried out from your home itself.Search the talents that you have within yourself. You can work right from your home.

Friends, if you are a working parent and you have your child with you, give the first priority to your child first. We brought them into this world and it is our sole responsibility that they are given all the care and love that they need. All their needs are to be met. Young married couples out there, if you both cannot afford to meet the basic needs of a child, then do not bring them into this world and leave them into the hands of unknown person.

Do not deprived the child of a parental love and the bond between a parent and a child. I have seen cases where, wives and husbands are separated because they need to leave the family and go else where to work for a better salary. The child is left alone with either one of their relatives or in some cases the child is left with the grandparents. Is it worth my friends? Do think it over. Love is something that should not be deprived of from a child, from spouses and from our families and friends.  There is Power In Love. And if we have this Love we will be able to love all mankind regardless of who we really are regardless of our background, color, race and religion. 


God Bless & Stay Blessed Always.





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