“Are You Willing To Trust In The Lord Jesus Christ 100%?”

13 06 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we take a look at today’s topic entitled “Willing to trust in our Lord Jesus Christ 100%,” are we as believers in Christ Jesus willing to trust the Lord when the storms of life hit each and every one of us? Let us take a look at what the word of God has to say to us today.Please do read on the rest of the article and may your faith be strengthen today, that you may trust the Lord at all times and in all situations.

Dear friends, today are we as believers able to trust our Lord Jesus Christ? Are we able to surrender to him all that we are going on through today in our life. Many of us as believers have raging storms that hit into our lives today. Each and everyone one of us do experience some kind of a storm in our life. Today, are we willing to let Jesus Christ to handle all the raging storm in our lives today? Let us take a look at the bible in the New Testament in the gospel of St Matthew 8:23-27, St Mark 4:35-41 and St Luke 8:22-25. All these gospels relate to how Jesus Calms The Storm with the disciples in the boat together with him. How do you feel if you are in one of these storms in the sea? How will you react to the situation? Where would you go for help? Let us look at what the disciples of Jesus reacted in such a life threatening storm.

Friends, the day started with chapter 4, when Jesus started teaching the crowd. He taught them lots of stories and parables and performed many miracles. At the end of the day, Jesus and his disciples were all tired and Jesus knew that they needed rest. They went into their boats for rest. This was often the case to find rest, so that the crowd would not follow Jesus. (Mat 14:13) They were at the Sea of Galilee which was 680 feet below sea level and as surrounded by hills. Jesus told his disciples “to go to the other side.” In Mark 1: 16-19: Peter, Andrew, James and John were (experienced) fishermen. There were not new to sudden storm in the sea of Galilee! They knew what to expect when they were hit by a storm. But that day the storm came without a warning. It came all of a sudden with a violent wind with rain. The disciples being experienced fishermen thought that they could handle the boat but they were struggling with the storm. The storm was beyond their power to handle. They started panicking and the fear of drowning. Friends, if you had seen the movie “The Perfect Storm” I think the storm was some sort like that. It was really frightening.

Friends, when all these things was happening, Jesus was sleeping soundly in the stern. Even the rough violent winds and the waves did not at all disturbed his sleep. Jesus was sleeping soundly in the stern. The Stern area has always been the location near the steering apparatus and by extension became ‘domain of the ship’s Captain.’ While others were struggling for their life Jesus was sleeping soundly. The disciples became annoyed and frustrated to see the Lord Jesus sleeping soundly that they questioned him by asking  “Don’t you care, if we die?” They asked among themselves if Jesus was insane to sleep in such a situation! There seems to be, two storms raging – one in the sea of Galilee and the other in the hearts of the disciples! Friends, when Jesus came out of the Stern, he asked the disciples where was their FAITH in Him? Jesus rebuked the wind and the sea. He spoke to the wind and sea and said, “Be quiet and still” and it obeyed Jesus. The wind and the sea calmed down and became quiet. Friends,even the nature submitted to the voice of the Lord! The disciples were with the Lord Jesus when he performed miracles in the midst of them yet they could not even put their trust and faith in him when they were hit by the storm. Friends, are we like the disciples today?

Dearly beloved friends, we may not go through the physical storm as the disciples did. But we all have been through many other storms in our own lives like sickness, loosing job, failures, personal weakness, death of loved one, accident, depression, hopelessness and when we feel helpless. We may think or feel like God does not care. He is sleeping. He is not answering our prayers. I have been through many storms in my personal walk with Jesus, and I have seen his faithfulness and power at work in due time. I have learnt not to doubt, but to completely trust in our Lord Jesus. I have learnt not to be afraid but totally rely on his power and promise in the storms of my life. Friends, are we willing to trust God in all the storms that is in our life today? Friends, are we able to smile at the storm knowing that Jesus Christ is in the vessels of our hearts today? Friends, we need to learn to trust our Lord Jesus no matter what situation you are in Today! Have a Blessed Day and Stay Blessed.

God Bless.





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