“What Is Jesus All About?”

16 06 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer.  Dear friends as we take a look at the above topic entitled “What Is Jesus All About?” what is our response when people put forth this question unto us? How are we going to answer them as believers?  How much do we know about Our Lord Jesus for us to tell others about Our Lord and Savior? Please do read on the rest of the article and be Blessed.

Dearly  beloved friends, what is Jesus to you Today?  How did Jesus make an impact in your life? What made Jesus to get himself involved in your life today? How well do you know Jesus and how deep is His relationship with you today? Friends as believers we have to experience Jesus first  before we introduce Jesus to others. The way we live as believers has an impact if others want to believe in our Lord Jesus. Friends how are we living today, that we as believers can make an impact on others?

Dear friends, it is we who are believers suppose to live as a witness of Jesus Christ. Today , as we see it is a really sad scenario to see how we as believers are living in this world. We as believers of today are so much living in the world. We rather live so worldly in the world and we love the pleasures of this world. Anything to do with godly living and things have become secondary in the life of believers of today. So we see friends, if we cannot live as children of God then how are we going to bring others to our Lord Jesus Christ. Many believers of today are falling away from their faith.

Friends, “What is Jesus All About?”  Jesus is Love and Love is Jesus. Jesus is all about Love. Because of His love for all mankind, that was what made Jesus to be different. His love speaks for all mankind. Today we as believers are we still bringing the love of Jesus to all people regardless of their race and religion. Today we see many believers are so self centered, selfish, without love, no humbleness, unkind and rude. Having this kind of attitudes within us how are we to introduce our Lord Jesus to other non believers. We are the fragrance of Our Lord Jesus. If we believers do not possess the qualities of being Christ like then how are we to bring the knowledge and fragrance of Christ to others.

Dear friends, we are the living testimony of Christ Jesus to the community around us. Yes, indeed we are the living witness for Christ Jesus. So friends, to let others know about Christ Jesus it is our great responsibility to hold on to the values and teachings of Our Lord Jesus. We are the beacon of this world. As how our Lord Jesus demonstrated his amazing love to us all and to all mankind we are to do the same. So when others ask What is Jesus all about, it is all about His Amazing Love to all. Our Lord made a difference in this world by demonstrating his Amazing Love on the cross at Calvary.

Dear friends, let us all strive to have the Christ like nature within us. Have a Blessed day and Stay Blessed.

God Bless.





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