“Daddy, Where Are You Today?”

19 06 2011

First and foremost I would like to wish all the dad’s around the globe no matter who you are or what race and religion you belong to, Have a Blessed Father’s Day. To all the dad’s of this one Human Race, You are all indeed a very special person. Friends, do take time to read the rest of the article.Friends Today where is your Dad?

Dear friends, today the 19th  of June 2011 is Father’s Day and it is celebrated around the globe. Friends, looking at the above title Where Is Your Dad Today? Many of us do not have our dad’s with us. Some of our dad’s has been called back to their heavenly home. Some of your dad’s would have walked away from your lives due to some reasons and some of your dad’s have been left and abandon at the Old Folks Home for others to care of them because you as a son or daughter is unable to take care of your dad.

In fact friends, this is indeed a very saddening situation. If you ask your parents, none of them would like to be in a home far from their children and their grandchildren. Friends, we are to value our dad’s. Many of us do not have our dad’s around with us to celebrate Father’s Day. I am one of them and so are my kids. I lost my dad 22 years ago and my kids lost their dad 2 years ago.

My daughter is not with me this weekend to celebrate Father’s day in church today. She still cannot accept the fact that her dad has been called home. She loves her dad very much and she still loves him. Son’s and daughter’s today, value your dad if he is still around with you today. No use regretting when they are gone. It will be too late even to say “I Love You Dad.” Do it today my friends and everyday and it does make a difference.

Dear friends, it is a commandment from God to honor your father and mother. It is the fifth commandment with a promise in the Ten Commandments of God. We are to love, respect and honor our Father’s. Dad’s are special people and they are vessels from God to bring us forth into this big wide world. Without our dad’s you and I would not be here today! Friends, there are many of us whose dads are around but are they with you today to celebrate Father’s Day?

Friends wherever your dad maybe today, go and get him and have a time well spent with him. There are some of you who are away from your dad because of minor misunderstanding in the family. That are all part and parcel of life. Friends try to reconcile with your dads. It is no harm to say that you are sorry to your dad. Remember that Today your dad will be here but will he be around tomorrow? Lets not get disappointed and get hurt when you find that when you want to reconcile your dad is no more around. Treasure your dads while they are still with you friends.

Dear friends, to those of us who do not have our dads with us today to celebrate Father’s Day, remember we always have a Heavenly Father who will always be a Father to the fatherless. We are not orphans left to defend for ourselves. The word of God says that even if our father or mother forsakes us, God will never ever forsake us. God will be with each and everyone of us till the end of time. He is our Heavenly Father. Do not be discouraged or dismayed my friends.

God is our Blessed Assurance. God is our Father who is full of mercy and love. So friends, those of us whom are without dads today, just look up to heaven and there he is, Abba our Father in Heaven. Today God is telling to each and everyone of us regardless of our race and religion that he is Our Perfect Father and he loves us all. Stay blessed and be blessed always. To all the dads out there regardless of who you are, “Have A Blessed Fathers Day and You Are Always Treasured .”

God Bless.





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