“Wives Are Wives And They Are Not Prostitutes!!!”

21 06 2011

Greetings and Salam my dear friends. Looking at the above topic entitled “Wives are to be like a Prostitute” is really a title not to be used on a wife. The Obedient Wife Club should be really aware of what they are doing and imposing such statements is really uncalled for. It is such a humiliation to all wives! In the very first place do they ever know what is the meaning of  a “Prostitute?” If these wives who are from the Obedient Wife Club are really good respectable wives they will never ever come up with such a statement “that women should be whores in bed!”

Let me ask you women who are in the Obedient Wife Club, are you being paid by your husband after “having an intimate relationship with him?” If you are being paid then indeed you are all fit and deemed to be called as ‘prostitutes!” Wives do not get paid to sleep with their lawfully wedded husbands. Only prostitutes are being paid for the service they offer. Are you wives from The Obedient Wife Club one of them?  Wives “make love” to their husbands where else prostitutes “have sex” with men who pay them a price for their service. So be very careful when you use the term “prostitutes” or ‘whores” whatever you call them.

Dear friends,the club’s vice president  Mrs Rohaya Mohamad stated in the article that “You must satisfy your husband. A good wife should be a whore in bed,” said 46-year-old doctor, whose husband has three other wives. Looking at the statement she made, if she has been like a prostitute in bed to satisfy her husband, then I wonder why her husband has three other wives? To all the wives out there around this globe, a husband needs a wife and not a prostitute.  The way Mrs Rohaya Mohamad made the statement, she has in fact degraded the men too! Majority of men need a wife and not a prostitute. It is not all about satisfying your husband in bed.

Dear friends, being a wife from a Christian background it teaches us  to be wives of a noble character. Yes, we have to fulfill the desires of our husband. We have to respect him too as the head of the house. We have to submit to our husband but that does not makes us to be a slave. The Bible teaches us to be good and respectable wives to our husbands.  The Bible does not even mentioned or is written that wives should be like a prostitute to her husband.

“Sex, is a gift from God to the husband and wife to be enjoyed and with mutual understanding from both partners.” This is what we Christian wives are taught to do.Wives, if you do not want your husbands to stray away from you be a WIFE to him. That is what a  husband needs. Meet all his needs, not only in bed but at other times. Look good for him and not for others. Serve him during all the meals. Cook at home and serve him.

How late also if my husband is out station, he will come back to eat the home food be it even 3 am in the morning. And I do stay up to serve him. He use to ask me to even feed him and I do it. Even the children sees that. I use to kiss my hub on his lips and my children do see it too.  Cuddle him and hug him whenever you feel like doing it. Grab a quick kiss from him. Leave a love note either in his wallet or in his pocket. They love to be pampered. Stop all the nagging. Always be ready to hear their problems. Greet him when he comes home. If you are a homemaker welcome him at the doorstep with a kiss. You will really make his day, ladies! Do not ever forget to say “I Love You” everyday and every time. It will Save Your Marriage.

Dear friends, trust me on this. I never ever behaved like a prostitute for the past 22 years of my marriage. It was a blessed one with my late husband. He passed away two years ago. And you know what really saved by marriage ladies? The three letter word “I Love You.” I use to confess this magic words to my husband. I have confessed it to him thousand of times and he never gets tired hearing them. He never ever went for any other women. My late hub was a Jewel in my hands. Marriage in fact is not a BED OF ROSES! We did have our argument and our ups and downs. But before the sunsets we do both reconcile back together or how are we going to sleep in the same room or in the same bed?  So ladies, be aware of this type of clubs. They are not bringing good advice to you as wives.

Dear friends, Just be a WIFE to your husband. That is all he ever needs. To you wives who have your husbands with you, Value them and Love them unconditionally. Have a Blessed Marriage Life and Stay Blessed as a Noble wife.

God Bless.






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