“I Believe”

22 06 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, looking at today’s topic entitled “I Believe” how many of us as believers can truly say that “We Really Believe” and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us see what the word of God has to reveal today to us my friends. Read on the rest of the article and be truly blessed my friends.

Dearly beloved friends, looking at the above topic how many of us as believers can truly say that “I Believe?” Friends do we really believe in what we really believe? There are still many of us out there who are indeed believers and at times we find it so difficult to put our trust in God. And yet we say, “We Believe” don’t we? Have we ever questioned ourselves why do we find it so difficult to trust God? We rather put our trust in men than in God, don’t we? Many Christians are doing that today. If we as believers say that we truly believe in God then why do some believers go and seek mediums and some even go and sacrifice offerings to idols. What?? Yes, my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, this is what is happening to our Christian believers of Today! They have forsaken the true Living Water. They have forgotten the True One Living God.  And yet they say that they believe.

Dear friends, when we say that we believe, we must really believe in our Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior. What is the use of it carrying the Bible to church every weekend  and yet we do not believe in the written word of God. Friends, as Christian believers we are not just to “Talk and Talk and Talk the Walk” but we need to “Walk The Talk!” How we believers walk in the shadow of our Lord Christ Jesus, that will show others that we are a true believer of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are His Witnesses aren’t we, friends?  Today my friends, we have to stand our ground on what we believe. The devil is ever waiting to snatch us from the Lord’s hand. The devil knows our standing and our relationship with God. The devil knows where he can attack us.

Dear friends, today how many of us can say that we believe in One God Father Almighty. The Maker of Heaven and earth and of all things that are seen and unseen. Friends, we are to believe in things that we can see and things that we cannot see today. Has anyone of us seen God? And how do we say that we believe in the One God Father Almighty? Friends, we believe by FAITH that there is One God Father Almighty and that His Son Jesus Christ died 2000 years ago for all the sins of mankind. Friends, as believers we walk by FAITH and not by Sight. That is why Our Lord Jesus told to the disciple Thomas who doubted the Lord that “Blessed are the people who have not seen Him and yet believe!” And who are these people Jesus was speaking of 2000 years ago? It is we as believers that had believed in the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus. That is the “Gospel Truth!”

So my dearly beloved brothers and sisters, when we say that “We Believe” we must really believe and not doubt Our Lord by going and serving other gods rather than serving the One True God Almighty, that made the heaven and the earth with his mighty outstretched arms. Today my friends, there are many of us believers who are down with sicknesses, financial constraint, broken relationships, involved in illegal activities,drinking and gambling as an escape from life’s problem and many more my friends. If you say today that “You Believe” that the One True God Almighty is a Living God and You believe that God is your Creator,then SURRENDER yourself to Him Today and He will surely guide you and free you from all what you are going through. You got to BELIEVE to RECEIVE your DELIVERANCE from God TODAY. There is no one who is able to deliver you from all your troubles except God Almighty that we are serving TODAY! Friends. I Believe in my God and my FAITH will never ever be shaken due to any situations or circumstances that comes my way. I am His child and my God is my EVERLASTING Father and my times are in His hands. This is what I Believe and will go on to Believe till my very last breath. The choice is in your hands my dear brothers and sisters. This is the answer to your prayer! Be Blessed and Stay Blessed as a Believer of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless.





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