“I Want It My Way And Not Yours …….!”

22 06 2011

Greetings and Salam I bring to all you my friends around the globe today. Friends, looking at the above topic entitled “I Want It My Way And Not Yours…..!” goes on to tell all of us today,” Why things really do not happen the way we all want it to be?” It does not matter from what religious background we come from or from what race we belong to. God the Almighty is One and He only created One race and that is the Human Race we see on this very face of earth today. Friends, looking at all the things that is happening around us today, Is this really what God wants from this human race? We see wars happening around the globe, there is severe famine and starvation, illegal brutal activities against innocent people especially when children are involved. We hear of genocide and many more activities that are against God. We cannot blame God at all in this matter. Who brought all these upon themselves? It is we the human race that God created. “Man wanted His Way and Not God’s Way!”  “Man wanted to do things according to his thoughts that he thought would be right and never wanted to understand the thoughts of God!”

Dear friends, God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and neither are Our ways God’s ways. Have we all ever pause for a while to ask God if we all fit into His plan? Is this what He wants us to do. Man wants His Ways!  Man feels that His Ways are always right! But that is not what God wants. God is telling us to fit into his plans for all our days are already written in God’s book before each one came to be.  Friends, none of us ever know what is our future. If we did then we are God! Only God knows what our future lies ahead. Friends, today from whatever background each and everyone of us come from, have we really asked ourselves why things are not going the way you want it to be? It may be a global issue, a business dealing, family matters and whatever concerns each and every one of us today! Are we happy with the things that are happening and going on with what we are facing today? God created the earth so that man will be able to take care of it? But what are we doing to this earth that God has given into the hands of man? We  ourselves are destroying the earth. We hear of global warming, extinction of species from land and water, nuclear plants every where and much more damages man had done to this earth that God has given man to be responsible for.

Dear friends,in all these things that are happening we cannot blame God for that because we are so egoistic to do what we all want to do. We have all become so selfish in our own ways. “Our Ways have brought disaster to humankind!” Because of our Egoistic Ways we have turned ourselves to be Terminators that is why we see so many humans that God created is being terminated in the hands of men but not God! Man has become God! Only God gives the breath of life and takes away the breath of life. Man has forgotten that he was created by His Creator and the he needs to submit to God. Man totally forgot about his being. Friends, today if we can just surrender ourselves to God in prayer and ask Him to lead us according to His Way and not Our Way, things will go on well. But mankind is not going to surrender themselves to God because of the power that they have in their hands. It is written in the Bible that there will  be godlessness in the last days and we are seeing it. Man have become lovers of themselves. Power to rule and to kill are in their hands.

Friends, in conclusion what we as humans can do is to put our ego aside and surrender ourselves to God. In whatever we do we must fit into God’s plan and into his perfect will. It is God’s way that matters at the end of the day and not our way. Remember whatever we sow that is what we will reap. Whatever each and everyone of us do we have to be accountable for our own actions. We cannot blame God. God has given us a freewill to choose. It is either we choose the Right Way or the Wrong Way. The decision is in your hands Today my friends! Decide wisely as long as it is called Today! Yesterday is gone never to return. Tomorrow is not destined for any of us unless its the will of God. Today is all you have to change your way of Life and to fit into God’s Way. Stay Blessed and be a Blessing to others.

God Bless Us All.





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