“Friends, What Are You Thirsty For?”

23 06 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we look into today’s topic entitled ” What are we thirsty for Today?” Many of us thirst for so many things. Let us see what does the Word of God has to reveal to us today about “Thirst.” Please read on the rest of the article and be blessed my dear brothers and sisters.

Dear friends, as we take a look around the globe today we see so many global issues that effects many of us. We hear of global warming and the effects on the Human race . At times the weather is so hot and humid. God created the earth and gave it to mankind to look after it but mankind was not at all responsible to look after what God has given unto man. Why we are facing so many global issues its because of mankind. They indeed destroyed what God gave unto them to look after.  In this type of hot weather we feel so thirsty that we want to have a cool drink to quench our thirst. But that thirst does not seem to go away. Imagine yourselves friends in a really hot desert where there is no water to be found. You may walk for miles and miles searching for water to quench your thirst. And finally when you find a well in the desert where there is water, don’t we run to get that water so that our thirst will be quenched? That is how we believers have to be when we are thirsty for the Living Water and that Living Water is Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Dearly beloved friends, in today’s present world as believers what are we really in thirst for? Many believers of today are not at all thirsty for the Living Water. They are thirsty for the things that is in this world and not at all thirsty for things that are spiritual to build ones spirit, soul and body. We thirst for things that are temporary in this world. We thirst for money, wealth, lust, power and many more. Does all these things ever builds us up spiritually? No, and yet as believers we still want to seek and thirst after these things. These things does not at all quench our spiritual thirst. These things only quench our thirst physically and temporary.Just look around us and you would see staunch Christian believers in thirst of all these. Inwardly their hearts are not at all right before God. Outwardly we can see so many Christians in church itself who thirst after power. They want a position in church. If a post is not given then they do not carry out the work that has been appointed to them. They thirst after such things.

Dear friends, as believers today, are we really in thirst for the Living Water of God to refresh our spirit, soul and body? Are we asking our Lord today to refresh each and every believer with the Living Water from God? Are we as believers asking our Lord to quench our thirst like the “Woman at the Well who was seeking for things that could not satisfy her?” Are we asking Our Lord today that we want to draw water from His Well that shall never run dry in our life?” Friends, with this Living Water that is Jesus Christ we shall not be thirsty because Our Lord will quench the thirst that is within us. Today, let us take time to reflect on ourselves whether we are really in thirst for God’s Living Water or are we in thirst for other things that will certainly not quench our thirst.Be Blessed and Stay Blessed always my dear brothers and sisters in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless.





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