“Does Anyone Cares For Me?”

24 06 2011

Dear friends as we take a look at today’s topic entitled “Does anyone cares for Me?” Friends, there are many of us out there who have been asking this question. Do you think there is anyone who cares for you and I my friends? Dearly beloved friends, many of us around the globe regardless of our race and religion will be asking the question that is above. At times we feel so down when we feel that no one ever cares for us. We feel that we have been abandon by our family and friends. Does anyone really cares for us? Yes, my friends there is someone who really cares for you. But the problem is, that we are so prone in looking at humans rather than looking at God. We go around searching for people who will help us rather than searching for the person who created us. That is our major problem my friends.

Dear friends, God is so near to us and yet we find God to be so far away from us. The word of God says that God daily carries our burden. God says to his children to cast all our burden upon Him but we are so reluctant to do it. We still go searching for humans to help us. We find it so difficult to put our trust and confidence in God. We rather put it in the hands of men rather than in the hands of our living God! Who created you and I, my friends? Isn’t it God? God is our Creator and yet we find it so difficult to trust God. We rather trust in men who have also been created by God. We go seeking to mediums to find a solution to solve our problems. Does that make any sense to you, my friends? All our future lies only in God’s hand and not at all in mere human hands. Which is greater? The CREATOR or the CREATION?

Dear friends, the word of God in the Old Testament in the book of the prophet Jeremiah 33:3 as it is written, “Call to me and I will answer you.” Yes, friends how many of us are calling unto God today when we are down with problems? Have we ever call upon the Lord to help us? All we ever do is to take up our cell phones and call upon our friends and ask them if they could ever help us? Instead of doing that, why don’t we call upon our Lord God to help us in our difficult situations? Do you know friends that God cares for us more than anyone else will? God is always waiting for us to call upon Him at any time. If God can hear the cry of the Israelites who were in bondage in Egypt, don’t you think that he will hear your cry too? God can distinguish your cry from among the millions because He cares for you. Your cry came into God’s ears TODAY!

Dearly beloved friends, if today you are down with problems that you think is so difficult for you to solve, do not be discouraged or dismayed. God is ever there for you twenty four hours. If you think that there is no one, remember that there is someone out there who really cares for you because you are his ever loving child regardless of your race and religion.Everyone is a child of God regardless of who you are. Do not take drastic actions on your life as taking drugs, attempting suicide and doing illegal activities to solve your problem. When your problems have pushed you to the very end of the edge, just look up to your Creator and God will surely MAKE A WAY FOR YOU WHEN THERE SEEMS TO BE NO WAY! Things that are IMPOSSIBLE for you are POSSIBLE for GOD. That is why He is GOD! Are you willing to TRUST GOD TODAY? The CHOICE is in your hands TODAY? To Trust GOD or MAN?

Have a Blessed Day my friends.

God Bless.





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