“Be Thankful In All Situations”

28 06 2011

Be thankfulDear friends, looking at the above topic entitled, “Be Thankful In All Situations” honestly how many of us today have ever been thankful to God for all the things that he has done for us? Friends, please read on to see why we need to be at all times thankful to God.

Dearly beloved friends, are we really thankful to God today?  Whatever the situation or circumstances we are in, are we still being thankful to God. Friends, just pause for a while and just take a look at the people who are around you today. Do you know friends, that you are more blessed than any of your friends or co-workers that are around you today. Take a look at what is happening around the globe today, and you will know why you need to be thankful to God.

As humans we always complain and complain. That is the human nature that is within us today. Each and every one of us do complain about things whether they are small or big things. We always complain and complain. Today, I bet you friends there are still people complaining. How about you friends? Have you complain or are not satisfied about something? Why is this so? Let us ask this question to ourselves!

Dear friends, being thankful to God in all situations means that we are indeed thankful to God and we do acknowledge  His Blessings upon  our daily life. God daily loads us with good benefits.Take a look at yourself today friends in front of the mirror and you will see why you need to be thankful to God daily. Looking at yourself today do you not think that you should be thankful to God. At times we take God for granted for everything that happens in our life. We should be thankful to God in times when we are down in our lives.Be thankful that you are given a chance to make yourself strong when you endure hardships in your life. Be thankful to God for the trials that come your way. It will make you into a better person. Be thankful to God if your only transport to work is your bicycle.

Some even do not have a transport to go to work. Aren’t you blessed indeed. Be thankful to God for the job that you are having. Some are jobless, my friends. Thank God for your daily meals, some even go to bed without a decent meal. Thank God for the clothes you wear, some even do not have them. Stop complaining about not having branded shoes, some even put on shoes made of plastic bottles. Be thankful that you have a home to live in even if it is a hut. Some even do not have a roof over their head today. They are homeless. They sleep in streets and toilets. So. don’t you think my friends that you should be thankful to God in whatever situation you are in today?

Dear friends, how many of us today as believers have forgotten to say Thank You to God? We all tend to look at the blessings of others around us that we have forgotten to look at our own blessings which God has bestowed on those he loves. That is why we are not satisfied with ourselves that we start to complain and compare ourselves with others around us. We have forgotten to be thankful at all times to thank God for his blessings upon our lives today.

We even forget to thank God when we wake up in the morning. Friends, do you know that many do not get up to see another tomorrow? Those who get to see tomorrow, its a Gift from God. Tomorrow is not destined to anyone of us unless it is the will of God. So friends, do you not think that you have to thank God for the breath of life that he gave you Today? Start thanking God for all his goodness upon your life today. Many are not as gifted as we are Today. Be thankful in everything, in all situations and all circumstances, give thanks to God with a grateful heart. Look at your Blessings rather than looking at other peoples Blessings.

Be Blessed and Stay Blessed Always.





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