CORRUPTION! We Made It Into Our LIFESTYLE! Didn’t We?

28 06 2011

Greetings to you my friends! Friends as we take a look at the above topic entitled, “Corruption, We Made It Our Lifestyle.” Yes, my dear friends it is we who have in fact encouraged Corruption. We made it our Lifestyle. Who have we got to blame if it is not ourselves. We, the PEOPLE let it to happen. We allow it to happen. We are the REASON , CORRUPTION is thriving at all levels.We are not BOLD enough to say NO to CORRUPTION! Why is that so? We have lost our dignity and integrity by doing our part to encourage CORRUPTION at all levels. Friends, You and I have the POWER to stop Corruption.

Dear friends, we hear and we see with our eyes Corruption taking place right in front our very eyes. The word Corruption itself means destruction or ruining of a society or a nation. A corrupt society robs itself of integrity, virtue or moral principles. Selfishness and greed are the two main causes of corruption. Political corruption is the abuse of their powers by state officials for their unlawful private gain.

Corruption also thrives in places that we do not expect it to be such as schools, universities, government offices, the law courts and also at financial institutions. People have become so Corrupted that Corruption can be seen taking place everywhere right in front of our very eyes and we do not even have the guts or boldness to say NO to CORRUPTION! Corruption is a Global Issue. It is happening around the globe. Why do we see starvation in the third world countries and human trafficking taking place so widely if it is not CORRUPTION as the REASON! We are the reason for that. We made it into our LIFESTYLE!

Dear friends,  in Malaysia itself, CORRUPTION has become the main delicacy to we Malaysians at all levels. “CORRUPTION is served on a Silver Platter.” You have to give to receive what you want. For example, students who want to get into the universities or best schools even though they perform well or not well, the parents are willing to give way to BRIBERY just to get their kids into good schools and good universities. They are even willing to borrow from loan sharks to get their kids into the best schools or universities.

Why is it so? To me, if a student has perform well, we need not need to pay a bribe to get the child into the university. The child deserves a place in the university because he or she has earned hard for it. There are so many poor students out there who have really perform well in their studies and yet they are denied a place in the universities. Why is that so? The reason is because the people concern in handling their application need some bribe to approve it. Do you not think that this is CORRUPTION or BRIBERY?

Dear friends, it is the same with job application, a permit or a license to start a business. People have to give bribe to get what they want. And you would not believe it friends, those who are taking the money really do not have this thing that is called DIGNITY and INTEGRITY within them. It is not at all in their Dictionary. If you go to the government offices for any land purposes and if you have put up a proposal it will not be entertained at all unless you give them some bribe. Or else your file will be placed at the bottom. Why, I am telling so, its because I have seen it happening in front of my very eyes. My dad is just a simple policeman and mum is a housewife. She really can’t speak fluently in Malay. My dad was serving in the police force and he is mostly in the jungle serving the country. Me and my siblings do not get to see our dad so often. With my dads pay my mum managed to buy a land to put up a house.

As you know the procedures to put up the plan and to get approval from the land office, my God it was such a problem. We were all schooling. My mum was a brave woman indeed and she never ever gave anyone bribe. With her broken Malay language, she use to take the bus and go to town. She was always asking those clerks at the land office what happened to her application.

They always gave her reasons saying that the officers were not around. Her file was at the bottom of all the other files. A clerk there told here that if she can pay some money they can get it approved quickly. She did not pay them any money. It took us a long time to get things approved. In the government office you have to pay bribe right from the peon to the officers to get things done. Why is that so? It is still happening!

CORRUPTION is still happening because we the people on the streets are giving into CORRUPTION!!!  Why do you need to pay a BRIBE when you are qualified for a job, an entrance to the university or even for bank loans. That is also one place where we see we have to pay a bribe to get our loan application approved. It is again we who have made it into our LIFESTYLE. Another scenario is with the people of the law who are suppose to be men of Integrity to uphold the law but they themselves are CORRUPTED themselves.

They call themselves POLICEMEN! I really do not have regards for these policemen.  Being the daughter of a policeman, I salute my dad. He was a man of Integrity, that is why he did not get promoted like others who I know what they did to get a promotion.Friends, it is so prevailing to see corruption taking place when there is a road block or if you had been caught for breaking the rule.

The police can just come up to you and ask you to give him “duit kopi” meaning “coffee money” so you do not get the summon. If you give him less he will bluntly say that it is not sufficient enough for him and his friends to buy coffee. I have heard it personally. If you break the law you pay your fine. That’s the law. We are to abide in the law, don’t we? If we the PEOPLE can put a STOP by saying NO to CORRUPTION we can all curb this disease from spreading. People it is YOU and I who can put a stop to CORRUPTION.

A word to those who have been living on CORRUPTION and BRIBERY, how do you ever sleep at night? The money that you are feeding your family with, is it “HALAL” or “PERMISSIBLE” in the eyes of GOD? I leave the question to you to be answered. What You Sow That Is What You Will Reap!

Have A Blessed Day and God Bless.






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