“Being Religious Does Not Count, Its Your Heart That Matters”

30 06 2011

 Greetings I bring to you friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer.  Dear friends as we take a look at today’s topic entitled “Being Religious Does Not Count, Its Your Heart That Matters.” Yes, friends, many of us who are believers of today are trying our level best to be as religious as we can. Does being religious important to God or having a right attitude of heart towards God is more important? Let us see what the word of God has to reveal to us today. Do read on the rest of the articles my friends and do Stay Blessed and Be Blessed always.

Dearly beloved friends, looking at the above topic as for today, there are many believers who are trying so hard to be as religious as possible. To these believers, being religious  is so important to them that they have forgotten the main ingredient to God’s heart. These religious believers will will do everything that is written in made made rules to worship God. They will never ever miss church. Missing church to them is like committing a very big sin in the eyes of God. Friends, please do not get me mistaken when I say about missing church. If on a Sunday you are not able to make it to church because of some important things or reasons that came up, it is alright. But please do not miss or skip church for uncalled reasons. Remember God knows our intentions that is within each and every one of us. If you can go on a fast good but if you can’t it is alright. God is not going to bring his fire from heaven upon you! Being religious today does not count at all in God’s sight my brothers and sisters.

Dear friends, even today in your own church if you look around you there are many who are more interested in being so religious that they will judge and condemn others that they are sinners. These religious believers believe that they are the only righteous ones because they do all the religious things just to show people that they are righteous. They do these things not to please God but to please the pastors. They go to church because of the pastors and not for God at all. They have forgotten that pastors are also vessels that are being use by God. their hearts are far away from God. They want to be recognized by the pastors and not by God at all. They do things what the pastors tell them to do and not what God tells them to do. Their hearts are far away from God. That is why it is written in the word of God that, “People worship God with their mouths but their hearts are far away from Him. They worship God with rules that are taught by men.”

Beloved friends, does not the word of God says in the gospel of St John 4:24 as it is written “God is Spirit and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth.” Today, many believers have really lost the meaning of what worship is. They just worship because they are ask to worship. They do not come with a prepared heart of worship to worship God. Here again we see that the heart matters the most before God. Believers take it so lightly when it comes to God’s matters. I am not asking you to be religious at all, but do check and see whether what we do are we doing it because we love God or are we doing things so that we will be recognized by the people. When we do things to help the needy ones, do we make it so obvious that we want people around us to see that we are helping others?  Friends, all these things that we do will not bring out the righteousness within us. 

Dear friends, do things with all of your heart because you love God. We are the aroma of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We are to bring the fragrance of Our Lord to all people regardless of their creed, race and religion. Let not anything stop you from bringing the Love of God and spreading it to all mankind. Love all with an unconditional love of God even though it hurts. We are to be the example of God’s children. We are to be the salt and the light of this world. We are to go out and set the captives free that are under the bondage of Satan. We are to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and give shelter to those who are really in need. But do it all with a heart that is right in the eyes of God.

Beloved friends, in conclusion, being religious is not what God wants us to be.God wants us to have a right attitude of heart before him. What is the use of being so religious, that at times we can hurt or kill people with our words and actions. At the end of the day it is only God and You. Whatever you do you are accountable for all your own deeds whether it is good or bad. Being RELIGIOUS does not ever count. Have a truly Blessed day and a HEART that is RIGHT before GOD.Keeping you in my prayer. Stay blessed at all times. 

God Bless.





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