“When God Break’s You Today, Rejoice Over It And Do Not Be Disheartened!

1 07 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends looking at the above topic entitled, “When God Break’s You Today, Rejoice Over It And Do Not Be Disheartened.” Friends how many of us here today as believers have been Broken by God? Are you disheartened about yourself being broken? To be broken in the hands of God is not at all an easy going matter. Let us see a few people who have been broken and yet we see them as Strong people in the Bible. Do take time to read the rest of the article and do stay blessed.Dearly beloved friends, as we take a look again at the above topic is really not easy to be broken down by God. You may even have to lose everything that you have hold on to so much or the things that you are attached to. We believers some of us who have lost everything that we love but we still can rejoice in all situations and under all circumstances. Friends, I am one of them. Friends we do see in the bible there are some servants of God that God has broken them yet they have not stop worshiping and glorifying God. Friends when God breaks us it is because He wants to reshape us back. God wants to use us for His glory and it is not for our glory. That is why, whatever we do it is all for the glory of God that His mighty name will be magnified and glorified.

When God breaks us he crushes us to bring out the best of us to the world. For instance friends, when incense is use in worship, the incense has to be crushed first to bring out the fragrance that is within it. Without crushing the incense, the fragrance will not come out. It is the same with Moses. He was living in Egypt with Pharaoh with all the wealth of Egypt. He was living a wealthy life where else his people were slaves in Egypt making bricks without straw. The children of Israel were put to force and hard labor. God waited for the right time to break Moses because God needed a leader to bring the children of Israel out of slavery from Egypt. Moses too was broken and crushed in the hands of God.

Dearly beloved friends, Jesus himself being the very Son of God was also crushed and broken in His Father’s hands. Jesus was crushed and broken for our purpose to receive Salvation.Each person before he or she becomes a leader has to undergo all the crushing and refining and to be broken in the hands of God. God’s purpose is that He wants to bring you out to the world to shine for Him. Friends, for a diamond to get its sparkle it has to go through being crushed and broken to get that “sparkle.” We are the diamonds in God’s hand, you and I.Friends, today if you are a believer and God is breaking and crushing you rejoice because God is delighted in you. Not many people fall into the hands of God to be crushed and broken. God chooses his vessels. Some are made for noble purposes and some for common purposes.

Dear friends, Today if God strips you off from your wealth, health and family, God has a reason for that. Do not be disheartened about that. Go on worshiping and glorifying God in all situations and circumstances. Let not anything stop you from worshiping God. God has great plans for you my friends. Stay focused on God at all times and lean not on your own understanding. So rejoice and again I say REJOICE! Be Blessed and Stay Blessed always my dearly beloved friends.

God Bless.




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